1. Driver Scorecard interface dashcam safety keeptruckin app driver coaching
    View Driver Scorecard
    Driver Scorecard
  2. Request Video from the Smart Dashcam interface timeline modal keeptruckin request dashcam smart video
    View Request Video from the Smart Dashcam
    Request Video from the Smart Dashcam
  3. Mobile First Email Notifications ux ui trucking email design map footer design responsive design table responsive notification alert email mobile
    View Mobile First Email Notifications
    Mobile First Email Notifications
  4. A Precise Timeline Controller interface thumb track timeline trucking slider crosshair animation
    View A Precise Timeline Controller
    A Precise Timeline Controller
  5. ELD Retail Packaging asset tracking gps compliance eld packaging
    View ELD Retail Packaging
    ELD Retail Packaging
  6. Branded Loading State preloader loader animation svg icon loading state brand symbol
    View Branded Loading State
    Branded Loading State
  7. Introducing Smart Dashcam animation product design driver industrial trucks smart safety product next generation keeptruckin hardware design dual lens dashcam
    View Introducing Smart Dashcam
    Introducing Smart Dashcam
  8. KeepTruckin: Celebrating Growth trucking stamps offices landmarks city illustration
    View KeepTruckin: Celebrating Growth
    KeepTruckin: Celebrating Growth
  9. A Responsive Sidebar animation iconography trucking menu sidebar responsive
    View A Responsive Sidebar
    A Responsive Sidebar
  10. ‌Driver Performance Event Panel driver driving keeptruckin panel interface
    View ‌Driver Performance Event Panel
    ‌Driver Performance Event Panel
  11. Performance Event Iconography interface trucking driving icons iconography
    View Performance Event Iconography
    Performance Event Iconography
  12. Dashcam Product launch reveal 3d animation cinematic motion keeptruckin eld dashcam product 3d animation
    View Dashcam Product launch
    Dashcam Product launch
  13. Character Design truck car cap green character person heart man love driver app keeptruckin app
    View Character Design
    Character Design
  14. Efficient! multitasking new write message calculator fish sea keeptruckin efficiency efficient octopus
    View Efficient!
  15. St. Louis clouds sun ride car limousine state city st. louis
    View St. Louis
    St. Louis
  16. Figuring it out!  working laptop table man thinking creative block confused
    View Figuring it out!
    Figuring it out!
  17. Freedom!  coersion puppet
    View Freedom!
  18. Hello From The Other Side!  person cap belly character fat driver man
    View Hello From The Other Side!
    Hello From The Other Side!
  19. Saving Money! swimming pool river saving save drowning money
    View Saving Money!
    Saving Money!
  20. Driver's Love KeepTruckin hug heart man love driver app keeptruckin app
    View Driver's Love KeepTruckin
    Driver's Love KeepTruckin
  21. Protection!  yellow character cap beach sand umbrella harry potter snape always
    View Protection!
  22. Speedy Inspections inspector inspection magnifying glass alice in wonderland rabbit
    View Speedy Inspections
    Speedy Inspections
  23. Assumptions!!! rainbow poop animal character chair sofa lamp blue unicorn driver man
    View Assumptions!!!
  24. Doctor Who? o.O illustration character design character inspection doctor mountain cloud vehicle car truck blog post
    View Doctor Who? o.O
    Doctor Who? o.O
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