1. Chop Shop Mural design illustration mural mural art plant design plant illustration plant shop plants spokane
    View Chop Shop Mural
    Chop Shop Mural
  2. Sweet Home icon branding design floral flowers house icon identity logo
    View Sweet Home icon
    Sweet Home icon
  3. Lake to Mountain - final branding design identity landscape logo nature
    View Lake to Mountain - final
    Lake to Mountain - final
  4. Connected print environment illustration lettering nature print
    View Connected print
    Connected print
  5. Lake to Mountain branding identity logo nature
    View Lake to Mountain
    Lake to Mountain
  6. CAT cat illustration graphic
    View CAT
  7. Farmer's Market Design design farmers market hand lettering illustration lettering market mockup poster script spokane tshirt typography vegetables
    View Farmer's Market Design
    Farmer's Market Design
  8. Knitting Factory - brand stuff branding can design identity
    View Knitting Factory - brand stuff
    Knitting Factory - brand stuff
  9. Knitting Factory - tshirt branding design identity tshirt
    View Knitting Factory - tshirt
    Knitting Factory - tshirt
  10. Knitting Factory Rebrand - OOH billlboard concert ooh
    View Knitting Factory Rebrand - OOH
    Knitting Factory Rebrand - OOH
  11. Knitting Factory Rebrand branding design entertainment identity knitting factory logo music
    View Knitting Factory Rebrand
    Knitting Factory Rebrand
  12. Shipping Bags bag design hand drawn illustration shipping bag
    View Shipping Bags
    Shipping Bags
  13. Dust bin branding brutalism design identity lettering logo logos spokane theatre typography vintage
    View Dust bin
    Dust bin
  14. Yale Press logo branding coffee coffee logo coffee shop logo logo vintage
    View Yale Press logo
    Yale Press logo
  15. Greeting Card designs card design greeting card illustration lettering
    View Greeting Card designs
    Greeting Card designs
  16. GN thrift Salvage logos block lettering branding design hand drawn hand lettering identity lettering logo script spokane typography
    View GN thrift Salvage logos
    GN thrift Salvage logos
  17. Chop Shop Mural hand drawn illustration mural plant pots plants pots vases
    View Chop Shop Mural
    Chop Shop Mural
  18. that feeling when... branding custom lettering hand lettering identity lettering logo retro script type typography vintage
    View that feeling when...
    that feeling when...
  19. sticker designs hand drawn lettering stickers thrift
    View sticker designs
    sticker designs
  20. Chop Shop logo branding hand drawn illustration lettering logo
    View Chop Shop logo
    Chop Shop logo
  21. Newsletter graphics hand drawn illustration lettering newsletter spokane
    View Newsletter graphics
    Newsletter graphics
  22. Creative Enterprise hand drawn illustration lettering procreate spokane terrain
    View Creative Enterprise
    Creative Enterprise
  23. People's Waffle Mural design floral illustration mural spokane
    View People's Waffle Mural
    People's Waffle Mural
  24. mural floral illusration landscape mural mural design muralart spokane
    View mural
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