1. JW Logo animation blackletter classic animation drop frame by frame gif icon joern liquid logo motion motion graphics splash typo westhoff
    View JW Logo
    JW Logo
  2. New Visual ID / Logo blackletter branding ci illustration joern joern westhoff letter lettering logodesign typo
    View New Visual ID / Logo
    New Visual ID / Logo
  3. Data Chip 3d after effects animation chip cube data gif grid joern motion graphics square westhoff
    View Data Chip
    Data Chip
  4. Playing around with Typo after effects box distortion glitch joern westhoff motion graphics title typo
    View Playing around with Typo
    Playing around with Typo
  5. Coin 8bit 8bit animation coin flash game jump n run photoshop score super mario thunder
    View Coin 8bit
    Coin 8bit
  6. Polypocket Logo after effects animation black and white bw diamond gif logo motion graphics poly
    View Polypocket Logo
    Polypocket Logo
  7. Fluminense Ehrenfeld Logo brazil cologne football jesus joern westhoff logo rio sport table football vector
    View Fluminense Ehrenfeld Logo
    Fluminense Ehrenfeld Logo
  8. Styleframe Sun Care dive grain grunge joern westhoff noise protection sin city sun care water resistence waterproof
    View Styleframe Sun Care
    Styleframe Sun Care
  9. DGDS Logo extrude joern westhoff logo motion graphics retro tv vintage
    View DGDS Logo
    DGDS Logo
  10. 8 Bit Parcour 8 bit animation beach game gif joern westhoff nintendo super mario telekom water
    View 8 Bit Parcour
    8 Bit Parcour
  11. Water Lily 2d 3d after effects animation cinema 4d fish gif joern westhoff motion graphics pond sandpiper water lily
    View Water Lily
    Water Lily
  12. Morphing 2d after effects animation character demonstration hospital inclusion joern westhoff motion graphics rights sewing machine
    View Morphing
  13. Sign language 2d after effects animation character inclusion joern westhoff motion graphics sign language zeichensprache
    View Sign language
    Sign language
  14. Reel Intro 2d abstract after effects animation cinema 4d feather gif intro joern westhoff motion graphics sword zelda
    View Reel Intro
    Reel Intro
  15. Icon Tick brand check ci conversio green icon logo tick
    View Icon Tick
    Icon Tick
  16. Rat after effects animation gif joern westhoff motion graphics rat
    View Rat
  17. New Logo greyscale joern line logo outline print shadow simple
    View New Logo
    New Logo
  18. Battery animation black and white energy full battery icon low battery outline safe smartphone
    View Battery
  19. Lock icon animation black and white icon lock motion ouline safe safety secure
    View Lock icon
    Lock icon
  20. Connect Icon black and white connection icon motion network outline
    View Connect Icon
    Connect Icon
  21. Camera Icon animation black and white camera click motion outline
    View Camera Icon
    Camera Icon
  22. Wireless animation connection hud icon internet motion graphic wlan
    View Wireless
  23. Google Icon Docs animation docs document excel google icon joern motion graphics paper sheet westhoff word
    View Google Icon Docs
    Google Icon Docs
  24. Google Icon Maps animation google icon joern location maps motion graphics pin travel westhoff
    View Google Icon Maps
    Google Icon Maps
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