1. KNOWING-Astrology Lock Ups astrology branding icon illustration zodiac
    View KNOWING-Astrology Lock Ups
    KNOWING-Astrology Lock Ups
  2. Scales and Arrows astrology branding icon illustration libra sagittarius zodiac
    View Scales and Arrows
    Scales and Arrows
  3. Moon/Phases branding geometry icon illustration moon space
    View Moon/Phases
  4. KNOWING - Seasons autumn branding icon illustration seasons spring summer winter
    View KNOWING - Seasons
    KNOWING - Seasons
  5. Virgo astrology branding icon virgo zodiac
    View Virgo
  6. Pisces asgtrology branding graphic design icon pisces zodiac
    View Pisces
  7. In it to Twin it astrology branding gemini graphic design icon zodiac
    View In it to Twin it
    In it to Twin it
  8. Aquarius V3 aquarius astrology branding icon illustration zodiac
    View Aquarius V3
    Aquarius V3
  9. Aquarius Icon aquarius astrology branding graphic design icon zodiac
    View Aquarius Icon
    Aquarius Icon
  10. KNOWING - Seasonal Elements branding icon illustration
    View KNOWING - Seasonal Elements
    KNOWING - Seasonal Elements
  11. J//Proto blackandwhite design type typography
    View J//Proto
  12. Jemez Springs collage composition iphone photography texture
    View Jemez Springs
    Jemez Springs
  13. XOXO
    View XOXO
  14. London, still calling branding texture
    View London, still calling
    London, still calling
  15. Make time to waste time. black and white hourglass illustration
    View Make time to waste time.
    Make time to waste time.
  16. Type Selfie 002/999 texture typography vanity
    View Type Selfie 002/999
    Type Selfie 002/999
  17. Typographic Self Portrait 001 texture type
    View Typographic Self Portrait 001
    Typographic Self Portrait 001
  18. C’mon Let’s Go illustration procreate
    View C’mon Let’s Go
    C’mon Let’s Go
  19. Rebel Banana banana texture typography
    View Rebel Banana
    Rebel Banana
  20. Mutual Slump adobe black illustrator pattern procreate texture white
    View Mutual Slump
    Mutual Slump
  21. Now, don’t look to us non-profit texture typography
    View Now, don’t look to us
    Now, don’t look to us
  22. Phone Junk
    View Phone Junk
    Phone Junk
  23. TDRC: Level 01.2
    View TDRC: Level 01.2
    TDRC: Level 01.2
  24. TDRC: Level 01 apparel branding eye illustration information security
    View TDRC: Level 01
    TDRC: Level 01
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