1. Road Trip App - Pick Your Distance driving explore travel ux design roadtrip navigation map ux mobile uiux ui
    Road Trip App - Pick Your Distance
  2. HMI for Shipping Boxes industrialdesign shipping boxes uiux ui human machine interface manufacturing hardware ui hmi
    HMI for Shipping Boxes
  3. Latch Lady Logo Mark feminine logo baby mother women brand logo
    Latch Lady Logo Mark
  4. Cabin Retreat Website Design snow luxury webdesign web website design typography watercolor white clean
    Cabin Retreat Website Design
  5. Beer Chat Bot - Your Virtual Cicerone ai craftbeer beer shopping cart beer label uxdesign user experience chat app chatbot uiux mobile user interface ui
    Beer Chat Bot - Your Virtual Cicerone
  6. Roome - Roommate App roommates roommate user uidesign mobile user interface design user experience user interface ui design ux uiux flat ui
    Roome - Roommate App
  7. Wireframes user experience design user interface design user experience user interface lodging uiux mobile icon flat ui
  8. Fun Dashboard Cards uiux line art icon dashboard illustration ui
    Fun Dashboard Cards
  9. Dashboard UI user experience user interface mobile apps apps app dashboard uiux ux ui
    Dashboard UI
  10. Charity Round-Up Mobile App ux ui charity finance app mobile
    Charity Round-Up Mobile App
  11. Schedule App Interactions scheduling appointments ui schedule app material design interaction motion
    Schedule App Interactions
  12. Research Portal browse categorize search filter menu content ui dashboard
    Research Portal
  13. A Failed Personal Project process music case study user interface user experience ux ui uiux app mobile
    A Failed Personal Project
  14. App Walkthrough Illustrations photos filter organize category search icon illustration walkthrough
    App Walkthrough Illustrations
  15. User Personas user research user experience user personas ux ui
    User Personas
  16. WGU Hack-a-Thon custom wgu university education student dashboard ui cards drop drag drag and drop drag n drop
    WGU Hack-a-Thon
  17. Sleep In, Go Ahead, Do It profile dashboard history stats iphone clean graphs charts sleep mobile dark ui
    Sleep In, Go Ahead, Do It
  18. Wireframes Have Feelings Too low resolution dashboard tables mobile ux ui layout information architecture wireframes
    Wireframes Have Feelings Too
  19. Event Dashboard search filter events card view ui dashboard
    Event Dashboard
  20. Homepage WIP photo gallery marketing layout web design landing page homepage
    Homepage WIP
  21. Row Actions web app app web minimal clean flat ux ui dropdown row actions dashboard table
    Row Actions
  22. Messaging App scheduling chat communication messages flat material design mobile ui
    Messaging App
  23. User Journey Wireframe process user flow journey wireframe user interface ui user experience ux user journey
    User Journey Wireframe
  24. Event Dashboard Rnd 2 events card view search filter dashboard ui
    Event Dashboard Rnd 2
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