1. Icons for a client small modern colorful color icons8 pastel iconography icons icon
    View Icons for a client
    Icons for a client
  2. Campaign summary app saas interface user interface light pastel green avatar progress progress bar figma design ux ui campaign design campaign summary
    View Campaign summary
    Campaign summary
  3. Chat component animation design chrome js css html online free course ui uxui ux component chat app chat
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    Chat component
  4. Feedback component form feedback form free course online course javascript js css html phone input button scale emojis emoji animation transition feedback ux ui
    View Feedback component
    Feedback component
  5. One Dribbble invite (expires in 18.8.) dribbble invitation dribbble invite dribbble invite figma design component ux ui
    View One Dribbble invite (expires in 18.8.)
    One Dribbble invite (expires in 18.8.)
  6. Smooth notifications online course course coding development codepen javascript css html free component design ux ui
    View Smooth notifications
    Smooth notifications
  7. Logo proposal for Sprawl rounded round dark blue blue red circle logo circles speed network topology whirlpool concept logo concept logodesign logotype logo design logo
    View Logo proposal for Sprawl
    Logo proposal for Sprawl
  8. Logo proposal for Lainum rounded corners round smooth droplet drop typographic typogaphy dark blue green logodesign logotype logo design logo
    View Logo proposal for Lainum
    Logo proposal for Lainum
  9. Logo proposal for Equilibrium symbol flag wave dark blue blue and black blue and white blue equilibrium logodesign logotype logo design logo
    View Logo proposal for Equilibrium
    Logo proposal for Equilibrium
  10. UI Components tab dropdown info list speech recognition empty states empty state design ui design component interface ux ui
    View UI Components
    UI Components
  11. Logo proposal #2 proposal rabbit logo rabbit orange lightning logo lightning bolt logo lightning bolt lightning illustrator bunny bolt logo concept logo design branding b letter logo b logo b
    View Logo proposal #2
    Logo proposal #2
  12. Logo proposal #1 illustrator lightning logo rabbit logo rabbit bunny bolt lightning bolt lightning b b logo letter b logo branding orange brand logo
    View Logo proposal #1
    Logo proposal #1
  13. Load more mobile app mobile ui figma app component app design design ui ux more spinner loading lazy load load more
    View Load more
    Load more
  14. Loading state for content figma app design user experience ui ux loading animation state loading
    View Loading state for content
    Loading state for content
  15. Onboarding component user experience app design figma onboarding screen component design ux ui prototype animation transition stepper onboarding
    View Onboarding component
    Onboarding component
  16. Onboarding intro figma spinner loading screen loading animation onboarding loading component design ux ui
    View Onboarding intro
    Onboarding intro
  17. Login screen prototype animation transition component design ux ui simple login design login screen login
    View Login screen
    Login screen
  18. Dynamic button in Figma figma design figmadesign fixed width dynamic blue button figma freebie component design ux ui
    View Dynamic button in Figma
    Dynamic button in Figma
  19. Horizontal menu accessibility a11y online course course upcoming menu card menu design horisontal menu component free gui design ux ui
    View Horizontal menu
    Horizontal menu
  20. Amount selection a11y free online course web design ux ui javascript css html component design component keyboard mouse accessibility
    View Amount selection
    Amount selection
  21. Loading component vscode state figma css html design course free loading component
    View Loading component
    Loading component
  22. Lounaskone.com quote ux ui design red flat lunch service
    View Lounaskone.com
  23. Iphone 6 Mockup Dribbble iphone6 iphone iphone 6 mockup silver vector photoshop
    View Iphone 6 Mockup Dribbble
    Iphone 6 Mockup Dribbble
  24. Dribbble ux ui drawing pencil paper interface design venuu
    View Dribbble
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