1. Table of Contents — Juggernaut navigation animation prototype principle typography reading drawer chapters android ios app book
    View Table of Contents — Juggernaut
    Table of Contents — Juggernaut
  2. Pull to Refresh in Principle pull to refresh gif parallax free wireframe prototype loader zoom refresh pull animation principle
    View Pull to Refresh in Principle
    Pull to Refresh in Principle
  3. Rick And Morty starburst shadow brushpen brush pink blue drawing script lettering calligraphy typography type
    View Rick And Morty
    Rick And Morty
  4. TaskSpotting Profile blue tabs buttons links overlay dp blur navigation ui app ios profile
    View TaskSpotting Profile
    TaskSpotting Profile
  5. Moments animation fab material stories posts likes feed scroll ui app photos timeline
    View Moments
  6. Popstar (Poster) poster invite neon green madonna photo type typography party serif pop greyscale
    View Popstar (Poster)
    Popstar (Poster)
  7. Invoice—Self Branding print invoice paper fold branding identity stationery receipt bill blue self branding grid
    View Invoice—Self Branding
    Invoice—Self Branding
  8. Personal Website portfolio blue ui ux website webpage browser mobile designer single-page responsive
    View Personal Website
    Personal Website
  9. Mailer for Zomato mailer zomato newsletter emailer web screenshot photos feature annotation email
    View Mailer for Zomato
    Mailer for Zomato
  10. Collections—Zomato Windows Phone App windows phone ui app food zomato count cards restaurants pivots wp flat hipster
    View Collections—Zomato Windows Phone App
    Collections—Zomato Windows Phone App
  11. Jodi Lettering lettering type line outline typography typo j d red pattern geometric letters
    View Jodi Lettering
    Jodi Lettering
  12. Final User Profile—Zomato iOS App zomato app ios user profile card blur ios7 stats statistics slider progress
    View Final User Profile—Zomato iOS App
    Final User Profile—Zomato iOS App
  13. Line illustrations for Zomato illustration food zomato line outline icon drink boy glass lime straw
    View Line illustrations for Zomato
    Line illustrations for Zomato
  14. Explore — Zomato iOS app gif ios iphone app food home tabs parallax blur restaurant search scroll
    View Explore — Zomato iOS app
    Explore — Zomato iOS app
  15. fat potato lettering paper pen black typography calligraphy doodle sketch word swash script bold
    View fat potato
    fat potato
  16. Stats — Zomato iOS App stats statistics zomato ios app iphone progress numbers table flat shadow ios7
    View Stats — Zomato iOS App
    Stats — Zomato iOS App
  17. Restaurant Screen — Zomato iOS App zomato app ui restaurant ios ios7 round icons ring gradient rating stats
    View Restaurant Screen — Zomato iOS App
    Restaurant Screen — Zomato iOS App
  18. Menu — Zomato iOS walkthrough zomato menu flat restaurant price food photo clip paper notebook bind
    View Menu — Zomato iOS walkthrough
    Menu — Zomato iOS walkthrough
  19. Zomato — Exploration for User Profile zomato ios iphone app profile user stats tabs ios7 blur translucent
    View Zomato — Exploration for User Profile
    Zomato — Exploration for User Profile
  20. Zomato — Exploration for Home zomato ios iphone app home restaurant ios7 blur icon food
    View Zomato — Exploration for Home
    Zomato — Exploration for Home
  21. Search Results — Zomato iOS zomato ios app iphone search filter sort list flat search results
    View Search Results — Zomato iOS
    Search Results — Zomato iOS
  22. iOS App Walkthrough—Search by Dishes food zomato app ios tour walkthrough tutorial flat shadow long red ui
    View iOS App Walkthrough—Search by Dishes
    iOS App Walkthrough—Search by Dishes
  23. Sticker sticker free label highlight handpicked ampersand gradient shadow orange round circle web tag sans-serif
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