1. Digital Marketing Agency landing whitespace colorful minimal shapes ux ui
    Digital Marketing Agency
  2. Events Agency Website event agency grid ux ui
    Events Agency Website
  3. Email Receipt invoice receipt email headphones day 016 bright scheme bright palette dailyui
    Email Receipt
  4. Ebook running out of battery pop up message dailyui day 016 dark palette dark scheme minimalism message pop up popup kindle ebook
    Ebook running out of battery pop up message
  5. Curated list of Virtual Reality resources resources minimalism curated list vr virtual reality
    Curated list of Virtual Reality resources
  6. 1x Dribbble Invite invitation invite dribbble
    1x Dribbble Invite
  7. Medical App doctor gradient card filter profile map android iphone app medical ui
    Medical App
  8. Social App 2 ui social sign in profile picture menu iphone ios feedback cards app android
    Social App 2
  9. Social App sign in picture profile menu social ui android iphone ios feedback cards app
    Social App
  10. Twitter App in Figma recreation fig freebie sigma mac app twitter
    Twitter App in Figma
  11. Map Navigation medical appointment ui map
    Map Navigation
  12. On/Off Switch slide switch spray principle ux ui daily challenge 015
    On/Off Switch
  13. Countdown Timer ux ui tea timer daily challenge 014
    Countdown Timer
  14. Direct Message ux ui message daily challenge 013
    Direct Message
  15. Ecommerce ux ecommerce card daily challenge 012 ui
  16. Alert Message ux alert message alert daily challenge 011 ui
    Alert Message
  17. Social Share ux twitter social share reader daily challenge 010 ui
    Social Share
  18. Music Player rating gradient button menu music player 009 challenge daily ux ui
    Music Player
  19. 404 Page menu landing 404 page 008 photo challenge daily ux ui
    404 Page
  20. Settings 007 social settings material button slide card ux daily challenge ui
  21. User Profile photo button material gradient numbers user profile 006 ux card daily challenge ui
    User Profile
  22. App Icon planet space shadow gradient 005 ux daily challenge ui
    App Icon
  23. Calculator gradient numbers card calculator 004 ux form daily challenge ui
  24. Landing Page minimal chair barcelona landing page 003 ux form daily challenge ui
    Landing Page
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