1. Character Design: Regency Dog

  2. Character Design: The Maid

  3. Character Design: The welcome of Butler

  4. Character Design: CHEF

  5. Character Design: Front Girl

  6. Redesign of my personal #brand / Rediseño de mi #marcapersonal

  7. Sometimes love it's late

  8. It's a bird, it's a plane, do you have diapers? It's Superman

  9. tied to your love

  10. Who is the "rag doll"?

  11. Brand Identity (# 1) for social networks

  12. Reality does not have to be ugly

  13. Cute little girl talking to a squirrel

  14. Brand Identity of "La Neta" (# 2)

  15. I need more space

  16. Tired of Kissing frogs ...and stereotypes

  17. Social card

  18. The business of the holidays

  19. MONDAY FACE (Cara de Lunes)

  20. (JW) beautiful old lady


  22. If your feet could talk (2°)

  23. If your feet could talk

  24. Feminism

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