Job Details

Brand Designer

We are looking for an experienced brand designer to help us re-brand MascotYou AI's visual identity. We have already done a lot of the brand strategy work, and are looking for someone who can help bring this strategy to life.

Following is the brand strategy that we would like to create visual identity around:

Scope of Work:

  • Typeface logo

  • Visual Logo

  • App Store logo

  • Color Scheme (primary and secondary)

  • Patterns (we have some but would like to add to it)

  • Font (we have font but would like to do another review of it)

  • Photo/art direction

About MascotYou AI:

MascotYou AI is a cloud-based service that creates personality insights by analyzing text-based digital content like a user’s music(lyrics), emails and messages. The content is never saved, just analyzed and we store the personality insight based on the O.C.E.A.N Psychology framework (ex. Openness - 84%). Our mission is to empower individuals to proactively monitor their mental health through their personal data.

Company website:

Budget: $500

Job Requirements:

  • Looking for someone who has a portfolio of brand work that aligns with our aesthetic

  • Looking for someone who can take on the work right away

  • English speaker

  • Please apply on the application google form, and we will reach out if we think it's a fit