Job Details

UX Designer, Freelance or Co-Founder

We're looking for a designer to join our startup on either a contract / hourly basis or as a co-founder with equity.

About the startup

We're an AI startup that's building an app that enables people to buy and sell real estate with the help of AI.

About the founders

We're led by senior product and engineering leaders with experience at FAANG tech companies and startups. We've been approached by investors but are bootstrapping our MVP to avoid diluting our equity. Though, we plan to raise post-launch.

About the role

While we believe the tech offering we're building is exciting, we believe superior design and UX are, ultimately, what will set OpenHouse AI apart. As such, we're looking for a well-rounded UX designer who can:

  • In conjunction with the CEO / Head of Product, conduct user research to validate ideas

  • In conjunction with the CEO / Head of Product, conduct thoughtful product discovery, exploring the problem and solution space, identifying and testing assumptions, and deriving concrete user experiences our engineering team can build

  • Establish a market leading brand strategy and accompanying assets (brand guidelines, colors, logos, etc.)

  • Establish a design system with reusable components, guidelines, brand colors, etc.

  • Build high-fi prototypes

  • Act as a strategic thought leader on the founding team

You're probably a good fit if...

  • You move fast

  • You can take and give constructive feedback

  • You are a designer's designer (you are a thought leader who pushes the boundaries)

  • You often find yourself overstepping the duties of a typical designer

  • You are a bit mischievous

  • You have a knack for being able to simplify complex things to their core components