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UI/UX Designer

🛠  Position: UI/UX Designer

  1. Salary: £45,000 - $£60,000 per year + equity options.

  2. A chance to be part of a company that's changing the digital educational landscape.

  3. Flexible working hours in a dynamic environment.

🦎  About Quizgecko

Quizgecko is a rapidly growing AI EdTech startup shaking up the education industry by leveraging AI to provide students with revision superpowers.

What do we do? We allow students to upload their revision material (notes, pdfs, documents, etc), we then use our AI to convert them into revision quizzes and flashcards.

Our growth over the past 12 months is pretty amazing:

  1. Total Users: 500,000+ user sign-ups over the past 12 months. 

  2. User Growth: 50,000+ new users joining each month.

  3. Daily Engagement: 7,000 daily active users (DAU).

  4. Team: we are a remote team of 5, but we are expanding, looking to hire 2 new developers and a designer. 

  5. New iOS and Android apps launched. 

We're looking for a passionate UI/UX designer to join a small, agile team. 


Apple App: 

Android App: 

📌  Key Responsibilities

  1. Take full UX ownership of the web and mobile application, heading up the exploration of new features. 

  2. Redesign core parts of the mobile application, some features include 1) Social features of the application like leaderboards and streaks 2) New home page for the mobile application.  

  3. Discover new features for both the mobile and web applications and engage in UX research / analysis of comparable apps. 

  4. Design and deliver wireframes, user stories, user journeys, and Figma mockups optimized for both our mobile app and our website.

  5. Design and deliver ad creatives based on Mobile and Web Application designs. 

  6. Brand design - work with product and marketing to help establish a brand identity

🎯  Requirements

  1. Based in the EU, open to remote candidates.

  2. Willing to commit to Quizgecko as a full-time employee, although we can start on a contract basis. 

  3. Strong preference for more UX-focused candidates, but with excellent UI design skills.

  4. Extensive experience using Figma.

  5. Extensive experience in designing mobile apps.

  6. Some experience designing ad creatives (optional).

  7. Some experience with branding (optional). 

  8. Fluent in English with excellent communication skills.

🚀 Next Steps: Your Path to Joining Quizgecko

Please send the following to

  1. CV. 

  2. Online portfolio. 

  3. LinkedIn Profile.

  4. 100 words (MAX!) on why you’d think you’d be a good fit for Quizgecko.  

🤝  Meet The Hiring Manager

My name is Cam and I’m the founding engineer of Quizgecko. If you have any questions about the role or would like to learn more about the team you'll be joining, please don't hesitate to reach out.

📧 Email:

📞 Phone: +44 7983739763

🔗 LinkedIn: