Job Details

Full-Stack Web / Software Development

Aigentless is a prop tech startup hoping to revolutionize the rental leasing process through automation that empowers renters, property managers, and landlords alike- from lead to lease. We will offer self-guided tours so renters can tour apartments on their terms, with hassle-free scheduling and zero sales or social pressure. We will provide property managers and landlords with real-time data analytics via a CRM so they can have the full and immediate access to information necessary to optimize rental pricing.

We are seeking full-stack development for our MVP. The individual/team be responsible for developing, implementing, and deploying frontend and backend software for an apartment leasing platform. Our contemplated tech stack is Next.js + MongoDB + Python/FastAPI. We are using AWS for cloud/web hosting.

Key responsibilities include:

* Working with UI/UX and product management teams, as well as third-party developers for application integrations, to implement software solutions

* Designing client- and server-side architecture

* Incorporating dynamic functionality into frontend applications such as user landing pages, a CRM dashboard, property profiles, and property tour scheduling

* Write and deploy effective APIs

* Build features with mobile-responsive designs, particularly the self-guided tour interface

* Create technical documentation

* Test software to ensure functionality and efficiency

* Use SDK to build functional mobile app for touring interface

Key requirements:

* Mastery of frontend languages and libraries (e.g., HTML/CSS, JavaScript)

* Mastery of backend languages and libraries (Python strongly preferred) and JavaScript frameworks (e.g., React, Node.js)

* Mastery of databases (e.g., MongoDB, MySQL)


* 4-6 weeks to develop a minimum viable product (“MVP”) that can be demonstrated to early adopters (we already have a pipeline of property managers who are willing to test out our software). 

* We will detail the specific features/functionality required for the MVP if there is mutual interest.