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Job Details

Come Design @! is building a new product that combines spreadsheets and presentations in one place. An actual spreadsheet that does everything you want a spreadsheet to do but also powers live-data visualizations and presentations and can be shared with virtually anyone. Use AI to automate tasks like creating formulas, cleaning data, and populating tables too!

We are looking for help with content, visual, and template design:

  • 5+ years of background in content, visual, UI, and/or template design.

  • Enjoys solving problems and wants to build at an early-stage company!

  • Familiarity with productivity apps.


  • Freelance/contract/project-based/Full-time

  • USA/Canada/Europe or similar time zone

To apply and learn more, please get in touch and send samples of your work to

Feel free to sign up and use the product @ to submit example content and templates!