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Senior Product Designer

Job description

About us

We're working towards a world where IT infrastructure will be managed by autonomous AI agents. It’s an ambitious vision and a long way to go. To take the first step we are starting by automating issue investigations with an AI agent.

You are...

  • a skilled UX & UI designer with at least 5 years of experience with digital products.

  • experienced with going from a product idea -> user flow -> wireframes -> UX.

  • comfortable working in an agile way. i.e. we don't do long 4-5 week projects to get to something useful. We optimize for wireframes / UIs that are immediately testable by a user, we get feedback and we improve.

  • familiar with software engineers or the concepts are familiar enough that you can learn quickly. They are our target users, when you listen to their feedback and use technical terms it should be clear to you what they mean.

  • a designers who approach problems thoughtfully, prioritizing fundamental principles over established processes.

  • able to work US West Coast hours daily. Our daily standup is at 3 PM PST which is 11 PM in the UK, midnight CET and 7 AM in Singapore. It's much easier if you're already in North/Central or South America.

About this interview project

We’d love to see your work and we value your time, so we’ll compensate you with 350 USD for a one day project.

If selected, you will receive a document with a user flow diagram and an explanation of how it works. Please spend no more than a day working on a single screen (you can choose which one) and submit your design.

UX design is MUCH more important than UI design for this project. A wireframe is perfectly fine. A well-designed information architecture with good ideas is much better than a pretty UI with generic ideas.

Long term role

If successful, we will initially do a 3 month contract, and if that goes well, we will convert it to long-term. Compensation ranges from 5000-7000 USD a month depending on your experience.


You are strongly encouraged to use generative AI like ChatGPT and Dall-E etc. We don't consider this cheating, please do it.

Document the user interaction, frameworks like: 'what the user sees, what the user does, what the product does' are very helpful.

If you're unsure about something, make an assumption and go ahead. Just state your assumptions in your final work. There's no wrong or right, we just want to see how you think and how it comes through in your work.


A Figma file that you should consider a presentation. I should be able to view it and understand what your ideas are.