Job Details

Brand Designer

Project Overview:

With the initial text, messaging drafts, and website wireframes already in place, we're now on the lookout for a visionary graphic designer. Someone who can refine the design and craft a seamless brand identity that resonates with Missy’s unique voice and style.

Client Background:

Missy is a prolific romance author renowned for weaving steamy narratives that captivate readers' hearts. We want to establish an online sanctuary that not only showcases literary creations but also fosters a vibrant community of romance readers who need an escape.

Target Audience:

- Romance enthusiasts spanning various age groups, predominantly female between 25-60 years old.

- Devotees of contemporary steamy romance novels seeking emotionally immersive experiences and escape to a world of romance.

Project Goals:

1. Develop graphics for a shopify template that is visually stunning and user-friendly that embodies the author's brand essence.

2. Showcase the author's literary masterpieces in a captivating and organized manner, enticing visitors to explore and indulge in purchases.

3. Create an immersive escape, guiding romance enthusiasts on a journey through the author's world.

4. Implement "StoryBrand" principles to eloquently convey the author's message and offerings (Missy to provide content).

Brand Identity:

- Craft a visual identity that harmonises with the romance genre while echoing the author's signature style. Manhattan, Billionaire, Steamy, Elite Men, Happy Ever After, Romance, Escape for the reader

- Employ a palette of colours, typography, and imagery to evoke profound emotions and encapsulate the essence of romance and escape.

- Infuse the design with elements that transport readers into a realm of enchantment and adventure, aligning with the Shopify template constraints.

Project Deliverables:

1. Website Design Mockups Tailored to Shopify Template Framework (Homepage and Product Pages)

2. Creation of Custom Graphics and Visual Assets to Elevate Brand Identity

3. Development of a Comprehensive Brand Style Guide Encompassing Colors, Typography, and Imagery Guidelines for Cohesive Branding

4. Implementation of Design Strategies Aligning with the StoryBrand Messaging Framework, Incorporating Client-Provided Text and Messaging to Enhance Brand Storytelling

5. Precise Upload and Refinement of Design Elements on the Shopify Template to Ensure Optimal Field and Image Sizing for Seamless User Experience

6. Crafting of Engaging Social Media Headers for Instagram and Facebook Platforms, Reflecting Brand Aesthetics and Values

7. Designing Templates for Regular Weekly Emails, Including One Sales and One Fun Email, to Foster Customer Engagement and Retention

8. Development of a Branding Template for Consistent and Professional Instagram and Facebook Posts, Enhancing Brand Visibility and Recognition

9. Designing a Template for Order Confirmation Emails Post-Purchase, Ensuring a Positive Customer Experience and Reinforcing Brand Image

10. Creation of a Captivating Popup for Website Offering Discount Codes, Encouraging User Interaction and Increasing Conversion Rates

11. Crafting a Eye-Catching Book Sale Graphic Template for Homepage, Highlighting Special Offers and Promotions to Drive Sales

12. Designing a Visually Appealing Book Bundle Drops Graphic Template, Enhancing Product Visibility and Encouraging Purchase Behavior

13. Developing a Stylish Pre-Order Template for Books, Building Anticipation and Excitement Among Customers for Upcoming Releases

14. Designing a Comprehensive Reading List for Books in PDF Format, Providing Value to Customers and Establishing Authority in the Genre.


The project's budget will be determined based on the comprehensive scope of work outlined above. Missy is open to discussing budgetary considerations during the proposal phase or exploring hourly rates, particularly if the collaboration evolves into an ongoing partnership.

Additional Notes:

- Creativity, attention to detail, and meeting deadlines are paramount.

- Previous experience in the author industry is an advantage.

- Collaboration and regular communication throughout the design process are essential to ensure alignment with the client's vision.

- The website should not merely serve as a sales platform but also evoke emotions and foster genuine connections with the audience.

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