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Job Details

Packaging Designer

Project Title:

Protein Boost Packaging Design

Project Description:

This is an  lifesaving protein boost. HMW make our typography and packaging design feel as superior as a Swiss Watch?


* Mastery of Typography/Golden Ratio/Swiss Grid.

* Mastery of creative packaging design and custom printing.

* Design everything strictly according to math or science.

* Design UI/UX/BX based on user psychology.

Please inform us if you have extensive experience working with:

* Swiss watchmakers,

* High-fashion brands,

* Fastest-growing cosmetics,

* Global luxury lifestyle brands.

We need your help! Together, let's bring this LIFESAVING FOOD to those who truly need it!

We are looking for a designer who always prioritizes emphasis on understanding the customer. If this aligns with your design philosophy, please get in touch with us.