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Illustration @ API Dev Tools Company

About Speakeasy

Speakeasy’s mission is to make it easy to create and consume any API. APIs both external and internal are increasingly important but are often artificially restricted in usage and potential revenue, often through poor developer experience. This is especially true of REST APIs which are 80%+ of the ecosystem. Consumers who rely on these critical interfaces are left with little to no last mile tooling meaning their “average time to 200” is measured in days and weeks.

Speakeasy was born in the summer of 2022 address this problem: how do you ship a great API experience for your customers? Our starting point is providing turnkey developer experience like robust SDKs, terraform providers, docs and more. At the same time we’re building towards a vision of providing a complete suite of tooling to handle all of a company’s API needs. We’re leveraging platform engineering, code gen and LLMs to provide a platform that unburdens teams who are creating, maintaining and constantly evolving their APIs.

About the Role

As an illustrator at Speakeasy, you will be responsible for translating our platform and its position within the API ecosystem into visually engaging illustrations and animations. The ideal candidate not only possesses strong artistic skills but also understands the developer landscape or is eager to learn.

An illustrator working on our team will:

  • Collaborate with the product and development teams to understand technical concepts and features.

  • Create visually appealing illustrations that effectively communicate complex developer-related ideas.

  • Develop animations to enhance the visual storytelling of our SDKs, Terraform providers, and API documentation.

  • Iterate on designs based on feedback from cross-functional teams.

  • Maintain a consistent and cohesive visual style across all illustrations and animations.

About you

  • Proven experience as an Illustrator and Animator, with a strong portfolio showcasing relevant work.

  • Familiarity with developer tools, SDKs, and API concepts is a plus, or a willingness to learn and understand the space.

  • Comfortable with industry-standard design and animation software (e.g., figma, Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, etc.).

  • Strong communication skills to effectively collaborate with cross-functional teams.

  • Ability to work independently, manage time efficiently, and meet deadlines.

What should you know about us?

  • We’re a remote team split between PST and GMT. This has its advantages and disadvantages. We follow async processes pretty well but it's not perfect. You’ll help us get there

  • We're a small team of 11. We are collaborative and supportive of each other, but believe in high ownership and autonomy.

  • We are ambitious, passionate about what we do, and seek to be exceptional.

  • We serve tens of thousands of users, with customers from startups to large enterprises

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