Job Details

Marketing Designer (US time zones)

  • Qualifications:

    • 3+ years design experience within an agency or in-house creative department

    • Proven experience in graphic design within a media marketing context

    • Familiarity with the nuances of different social platforms (Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok, etc.)

    • Basic understanding of performance marketing principles, analytics, and tools

    • You possess an ability to "think outside the box", especially in situations with constraints

    • You demonstrate mastery of design principles such as contrast, alignment, repetition, and proximity

    • Expertise in Figma, Powerpoint/Keynote, Illustrator and image editing software such as Photoshop

    • Understanding of motion and animation software such as After Effects, Keynote’s animation capabilities or other

  • Responsibilities:

    • Conceptualize and produce visually striking branded assets tailored for various marketing channels such as LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, and others

    • Help to formulate our internal visual design strategy, and ensure visual design excellence

    • Design branded emails that engage our customers throughout the customer journey

    • Motion Graphics and Video Editing/Production:

    • Conceptualize and produce videos from diverse content sources and optimize them for platform-specific distribution

    • Collaborate with content creators and marketers to ensure brand consistency, engagement, and conversions through our video content