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UX Product Designer

About Practice Genius:

Deeply rooted in all of us are reasons for Why we make the decisions we do. At PracticeGenius we equip thousands of businesses around the globe with tools and services that more effectively engage and align their business goals and initiatives with those of their customers, advocates, and employees. 

By combining the principles of behavioral economics, gamification, reward-loyalty systems, and social engagement, we’ve created a scalable platform that helps businesses of all sizes add contextual interactions and incentives to their most valued relationships.

Accomplishing this takes a focused effort from a talented team. Culturally we pride ourselves on the diversity amongst our teams and share an affinity for intelligent minds, quality work, and exceptional customer care. 

Job Summary:

As a UX Product Designer, you will have a significant impact on products that are used by millions of people. We have a suite of mobile and web apps that are business-to-business and business-to-consumer focused. It will be your job to understand people, envision how they will experience our products and bring that vision to life. You will define problems and deliver intuitive designs that are accessible and easy to use. To do this, you will employ behavioral economics, gamification, and loyalty systems theories to help drive healthy decisions. You will work with designers, customer success reps, executives, and engineers. You will touch all parts of the product design process from research into pain points, user flows and wireframes, creating prototypes, user testing, and collaboration with engineering. It will be your job to advocate for the user and make sure their needs are met while delighting and surprising them.

The product design team leads feature development. You will need to understand pain points and be able to define them into simple stories that can translate into smart design solutions. You will need to create and handoff designs that have great visual aesthetics and make complex products simple to use. 

Join us in our downtown Salt Lake City office as we develop fresh new offerings and improve legacy products in an environment where you are empowered to use your intellectual curiosity as an author, editor, and collaborator.

Who Are You?

  • You care about product, obsess over the people that use it, and take pride in the quality of your work.
  • You are committed to usability testing, even when there does not seem to be time for it.
  • You have 3+ years of experience in design for mobile applications and web applications.
  • You have a strong portfolio of user research, defining problems, ideation, prototyping, user testing, implemented designs, and shipped products.
  • You communicate complex concepts clearly across teams and levels of the organization.
  • You understand company objectives and manage and prioritize work with innovation and collaboration across teams.
  • Introvert or extrovert, you've got a phenomenal personality and respect for others.
  • You enjoy the constant challenges and learning that come with software design and development.
  • You’re not afraid to raise concerns, suggest improvements, or question the status quo.
  • You seek to learn from others as well as share your knowledge and experience.
  • You’re a kind and curious person looking to be a big part of a small team.

What Are Your Skills?

  • You employ design thinking, usability testing, user-centered design, user interface standards, and best practices in your design process.
  • You are fluent in Sketch, InVision, and other design and prototyping tools.
  • You communicate effectively in presentations on video/audio calls or in a chat environment.
  • You understand how to set up and manage cross-platform design systems
  • You are able to work closely with engineering during the design process and into the development process so “handoffs” flow easily and the goals of the product are achieved.
  • You can analyze a problem and break it down into small, achievable chunks.
  • You can act on feedback from others and provide helpful feedback to others.
  • You have expertise in material design or other design systems for web and mobile applications

Examples of profiles that are relevant to us:

*You’ve likely had experience that falls into one or more scenarios such as:

  • Built processes to always be researching users to understand pain and testing design hypothesis to deliver solutions that solve it.
  • Created or maintained a cross-platform design system
  • Experience working collaboratively with development teams.
  • Built sizable applications from the ground up or added significant features to existing applications.
  • Held significant ownership of a software project from its early stages, through initial development, to release and maintenance.
  • Led or played a major role in the design of a system involving multiple team members across different disciplines
  • Identified and optimized application performance and user behavior

Compensation and Benefits:

  • We offer competitive salaries.
  • We offer several health benefit plans, and a company-funded FSA.
  • New MacBook Pro of your choice, monitors, stand up desk, and more.
  • Paid subscriptions/software to help you grow and excel (WebStorm,, Amazon books, etc.)
  • Ample paid time off, flexible work schedule, and a healthy work-life balance.

We welcome applicants of all backgrounds, gender, age, and race. If you are unsure whether you meet the requirements or have any questions, please reach out and we'd be happy to help!

Well...if this all sounds good to you and you think we might have a fit, please proceed!

To apply, please see the attached form. No recruiters, please apply directly.