Job Details

Digital Marketing Graphic Designer

Astrology Hub is a company unlike any other, dedicated to quality astrological guidance and education that is accessible to everyone, whether you need help navigating your life or learning how to practice astrology yourself. We see Astrology as the antidote to our time, bringing more connection, purpose, and magic when the world needs it the most… And a LOVE of Astrology is a must for any position with our company!

This is a Part-Time, Independent Contractor Position (to start) that reports directly to our Chief Creative & Operations Officer, and will be collaborating with many other members of our team, with the opportunity to grow into a full time position down the line.

As a Graphic Designer for Astrology Hub you will be using your knowledge of Astrology and creative skills on a daily basis to communicate with our audience about our products and offers, and inspire them to bring astrology into their lives in new, practical and exciting ways. You will be responsible for creating still and motion graphics for different promotional channels such as our website, sales pages, social media ads, funnels and more. Our team is completely remote so you must be very comfortable and experienced working virtually. You'll be able to make your own schedule but you must also be available for meetings.

  • Benefits:

  1. Access to Astrology Hub's entire course library, including any courses yet to be released for as long as you're a part of the team

  2. Work from home and set your own schedule

  3. Working with a team of passionate astrologers