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Job Details

Designer Who Can Code


What if you had the chance to design something iconic? Imagine yourself in the 1970s or 80s thinking through how computers should look and feel for people who had never seen one before. That's what we're trying to do here at Notion — build software that feels timeless, with the craftsmanship of German cameras, playfulness of Japanese wooden toys, and mass appeal of Coca-Cola. We are looking for people with the unique skillset that can pull that off.

Why this Role?

  1. Apply your specific blend of super powers: We'll celebrate your dual ability to design and code. We have no end of fascinating challenges that can only be solved by someone with innate UX sense, technical aptitude, and great taste.
  2. Create a toolbox that will redefine computing: Because Notion helps people build their own custom tools, we have the opportunity to create the most leveraged and useful software of the last (or next) decade. You can help us realize this goal.
  3. Tackle our most interesting and impactful problems: Our team is small, and people wear many hats. You'd jump between product, marketing, internal tools, process — participating in every phase from inception to implementation. Absolutely no boredom.
  4. Join us at a magical time: We've hit profitability and over a million users with a very small team, which gives us a huge green field to work with. You'd join at the perfect time to shape what we build and how we grow.
  5. Accelerate your learning as a maker: You'll get to flex a versatile set of muscles, balancing vision, craft, and business potential for a product designed to be practical and solve real problems. No matter what skills you bring, you'll have the chance to level up.
  6. Work with some of the best engineers in the world: A team of less than 5 built a product used by over a million people. We've achieved more than teams 10x our size by solving problems from first principles and creating our own tech to magnify our output.

So, what will you do at Notion as this designer who can code?

  • Craft every detail of new product features, from idea to UX to pixel-perfect execution.
  • Polish each feature in code. (We love to hire designers who can code so there's no back-and-forth handoff with engineering — this helps us move fast!)
  • Partner closely with our Community & Support team to understand what users need, want, and love about Notion. Use this data to plan and scope our product roadmap.
  • Create design systems that are simple to understand but help us to move faster as we scale. (But don't go overboard with it. We're pretty sure premature optimization is one of the deadly sins.)
  • Work with marketing to devise new ways to tell great stories throughout the user lifecycle, and across our site, product, help guides and other channels.

You might be a good fit if...

  • You can create pixel-perfect visual designs (UI).
  • You can untangle hard conceptual problems and have sharp intuition for how people use (or wish they could use) products (UX).
  • You can do production-level coding in HTML + CSS + basic Javascript. (Even better if you're capable of procedure or React-level Javascript.)
  • You care about the business needs, implications, and possibilities of your designs. You don't get stuck on pretty UI, and can balance between craft, speed and the bottom line.
  • You have strong beliefs, loosely held. You're a good listener who likes to collaborate.
  • You like to tell stories using both words and visuals, and strategize the best way to make your point.
  • As a bonus, you're familiar with the work of computing heroes like Douglas Engelbart, Alan Kay, Bret Victor, etc. — and understand why we're big fans.

Sounds like a good fit? Email us at with the role's name in the subject line, and any links that best showcase the relevant things you've built and done, e.g. your portfolio, LinkedIn, Github, writing samples.

Check out Life at Notion to learn more about our culture, team and mission, too!