Full-Stack Engineer (Front-End Focus)

  • Los Angeles
  • Full-time

About Vantage Point:

Vantage Point was founded under the belief that while technology can cause apathy, immersive technology can drive empathy and fundamentally make the world more human. We believe that the heart of all we do is human. The way we make the world more human is by using technology to teach and inspire people to become the very best versions of themselves they always hoped to be. Today Vantage Point is actively developing the platform and the products to train people on EQ-driven and Soft Skills that matter, with the ultimate goal of enabling humans to unlock their full potential.

About the Role:

This role will be a full-time Full-Stack Engineer and will report directly to the CEO. This role will work closely alongside our Engineering and Design teams. Job functions will include designing and developing front-end web interfaces for client-facing interactions, fixing bugs, and other job-related requests. Generalists preferred, but strength in Front-End is necessary. This role should understand stakeholder goals and end-user experience to build beautiful and intuitive web pages. You should love design and creating pages that delight users and should love pushing the bounds of what the world believes technology (and great websites and platforms) can do.

We expect you to be passionate, a team player, a quick learner with a hunger to learn, love technology, an excellent communicator with both technical talent and non-technical functions, passionate about creating technology that improves society, and have a love for building things, product, UI/UX, end user experience, and/or design. We prioritize corporate culture, and want someone who is just as excited about building, pushing the boundaries on possibilities, breaking things (and then making them work even better than before), and about changing the world (but actually) as we are! Members of under-represented and minority groups are strongly encouraged to apply.

Technical Requirements:

• AngularJS 1-2 Years, or equivalent JS experience

• Exp. creating mock-ups, workflows, & designs in Photoshop or other software

• Exp. with HTML5 and other responsive web tech

• Exp. with SASS, PostCSS, CSS3 or equivalent modern CSS frameworks

Technical Pluses:

• Exp. with Javascript, Typescript, React, other front-end frameworks not AngularJS

• Exp. with Node.JS, Java, C#, C(++), and equivalent functional/object-orient programming languages

• Exp. with networked/distributed network applications esp. real-time web apps with server-sent events

• Exp. with Android/DalvimJM, Unity JNI plugins, Android native plugins, etc.

Essential Job Functions:

• Build web pages in Node.JS and Java

• Experience with UX Engineering, UX/UI Design

• Design beautiful interfaces

• Build customer-facing interfaces for new features on our platform

• Revamp our website! And keep it looking fresh

• Work with our design teams to build out web pages they design

• Ability to overlap or step in and help with Back-End Engineering / Support when needed to tackle bugs and build out hefty new features

• Best practices in deployment, programming patterns, SaaS, Agile software development

• Must have reliable transportation

• Can work independently or with a team


To be negotiated including an equity package and benefits

Start Date:


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