Senior Graphic Designer & Brand Manager

  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Full-time

Serves as the chief visual strategist and advisor for the university in matters of marketing communications, branding, and graphic identity. Responsible for creating and promoting a strong and unified institutional image that clearly presents the stature and achievements of the university to its key audiences.

Designs and produces graphics and/or design elements for strategic print publications, advertisements (traditional and digital), videos, web pages, etc., that support the university in achieving its major initiatives and goals, including student recruitment and fundraising. Works directly with the members of the marketing and communications staff and Vice President for Enrollment, Marketing and Communications, and collaborates with other members of the university in planning and producing these projects.

Provides design expertise and leadership to the Marketing and Communications team. Supports and trains university staff and community on the use of the brand and templates.

1. Plans and creates visual designs for strategic university communications in print publications, multimedia advertising, video and web sites, in consonance with the university’s marketing plan and graphic standards.

2. Evaluates creative options, and determines best visual approach for various university strategic communications, to strengthen and support the key message and to present the university to a specific audience in a positive, professional, and consistent manner.

3. Creates and maintains the university’s brand standards and visual voice and tone, advises clients, contractors and vendors on compliance with those standards, applies standards to a broad variety of communications in a manner that provides consistent branding, while adapting to current professional design trends and practices, and to rapidly changing technologies. Consults vendors and other departments in brand consistency.

4. Chooses or creates design elements, typography, and photographic or illustrative images that accurately represent the stature, persona, and environment of the university to its key audiences, understanding that frequently the visual presentation of printed publications, video, advertising, web sites, and other communications provide the reader his/her first impression of the university.

5. Simultaneously executes many projects with conflicting deadlines and priorities in a high-volume multimedia studio setting.

6. Researches, keeps abreast with, and recommends new technologies that increase workflow efficiency and provide additional creative capabilities for the design studio.

7. Provides leadership in systems management of a large volume of digital assets (project files, photographic and illustrative images, etc.) to ensure efficient archiving and retrieval.

8. Other duties as assigned.

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