1. The Real Superheroes in Our Lives

  2. A solution concept for Yelp's long scrolling page

  3. Social Distancing

  4. Stuck at Home

  5. Grandpa on a tricycle

  6. Illustration Design

  7. Dancing Illustration

  8. Cartoon Character Animation-2

  9. 404 error

  10. Dance and fitness app profile placeholder

  11. Placeholder illustration for dancing class

  12. Cartoon Character Animation-2

  13. Live Page and Class Preview

  14. Cartoon Character Animation

  15. Music Player

  16. Welcome screen

  17. Dashboard for freelancer

  18. Logo design for a photographer

  19. Emailer design for hotel

  20. Oversea Relocation App

  21. Comic book app for comic book collectors

  22. My business card

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