1. Workday Canvas Design System - Visual Update illustration enterprise enterprise ux marketing site marketing fausto hr workday design system workday design systems workday canvas design system canvas
    View Workday Canvas Design System - Visual Update
    Workday Canvas Design System - Visual Update
  2. Uber Light UI Kit user interface ui dropdown menu toggle switches switch soft ui trend slider skeumorphism skeumorphic shadow neumorphism neumorphic light kit focus dropdown 2020 design
    View Uber Light UI Kit
    Uber Light UI Kit
  3. Uber Dark UI Kit neumorphism ui design freebie photoshop figma focus segmented controller dropdown dark mode dark ui uber dark uber switch toggle switch skeumorphism skeumorphic ui ui kit
    View Uber Dark UI Kit
    Uber Dark UI Kit
  4. Holy Sh!t Sticker epic team sticker holy shit font typography stickermule sticker
    View Holy Sh!t Sticker
    Holy Sh!t Sticker
  5. B&B Album Cover Final music player music ampersand clouds music ui composite mountains bellow breach breach and bellow burn the effigy record cover record album cover design album artwork album cover album art cover album
    View B&B Album Cover Final
    B&B Album Cover Final
  6. B&B Album Cover burn effigy breach bellow clouds mountains composite ampersand photography photo record album cover album cover music
    View B&B Album Cover
    B&B Album Cover
  7. Workday’s Native Home Redesign app icons card design ios home native mobile enterprise ux enterprise workday
    View Workday’s Native Home Redesign
    Workday’s Native Home Redesign
  8. Workday Canvas Design System design site guidelines design systems design system enterprise ux enterprise canvas workday
    View Workday Canvas Design System
    Workday Canvas Design System
  9. Personal Portfolio Menu Transition scroll icon portfolio principle prototype principle app hamburger menu product designer menu transition personal portfolio
    View Personal Portfolio Menu Transition
    Personal Portfolio Menu Transition
  10. Curated Dribbble Profile sketch template profile backlog curated curate freebie dribbble
    View Curated Dribbble Profile
    Curated Dribbble Profile
  11. Dashboard Transition spinner transition motion inbox app icons hr icons material material motion card transition principle prototype android
    View Dashboard Transition
    Dashboard Transition
  12. HR Card Set 4 stars clouds card animate card hr icons app icons wallet pay directory active
    View HR Card Set 4
    HR Card Set 4
  13. HR Card Set 3 stars clouds card animate card hr icons app icons rocket rocket ship benefits active
    View HR Card Set 3
    HR Card Set 3
  14. HR Card Set 2 stars clouds card animate card present icon birthday expenses hr icons app icons active
    View HR Card Set 2
    HR Card Set 2
  15. HR Card Set 1 active inbox app icons hr icons luggagae time off card card animate clouds stars
    View HR Card Set 1
    HR Card Set 1
  16. Inbox Card Animate prototype principle app stars clouds hover card animate card principle hr icons app icons inbox active
    View Inbox Card Animate
    Inbox Card Animate
  17. HR App Icons - Set 2 colorful hr icons app icons hr manager hr company icon set icons pay directory benefits career icon
    View HR App Icons - Set 2
    HR App Icons - Set 2
  18. HR App Icons - Set 1 icon expenses inbox birthday time off icons icon set hr company hr manager app icons hr icons colorful
    View HR App Icons - Set 1
    HR App Icons - Set 1
  19. Matt Hires - Alternate Covers album record art digipack cd design packaging astrophotography long exposure american matt hires
    View Matt Hires - Alternate Covers
    Matt Hires - Alternate Covers
  20. Matt Hires - American Wilderness matt hires american long exposure astrophotography packaging cd design digipack art record album
    View Matt Hires - American Wilderness
    Matt Hires - American Wilderness
  21. Unused Icons workbook receipt folder file unused icons core icons system icons line icons rejected icons icons
    View Unused Icons
    Unused Icons
  22. Menu Animation principle ripple animation material design menu back icon menu icon back icon freebie principle resource principle repo
    View Menu Animation
    Menu Animation
  23. Spreadsheet Grid UI ui grid spreadsheets spreadsheet excel sheets numbers collaboration kylo
    View Spreadsheet Grid UI
    Spreadsheet Grid UI
  24. Time Off App Concept montserrat ux ui text fields calendar picker material calendar time off app time off material material design android
    View Time Off App Concept
    Time Off App Concept
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