1. Task Card Animation platform productivity clean ui ux responsive design mobile ui principle app tasks principleapp animation card mobile dashboard
    View Task Card Animation
    Task Card Animation
  2. Task List Dashboard to do list to do app trello github list dashboard platform ux clean cards responsive design responsive mobile app productivity task management task
    View Task List Dashboard
    Task List Dashboard
  3. Roadmap Tool chart analytics dashboard graphs planning roadmap platform product productivity ux clean ui
    View Roadmap Tool
    Roadmap Tool
  4. Onboarding Dashboard ux app ui typography clean call to action onboarding empty state home trello github analytics dashboard product management platform saas
    View Onboarding Dashboard
    Onboarding Dashboard
  5. Landing Page Redesign productivity product clean ux app ui responsive landing page marketing revamp redesign
    View Landing Page Redesign
    Landing Page Redesign
  6. Sprint Management scrum sprint management sprint progress timeline gantt chart visualization data responsive insights clean activity analytics dashboard product management platform saas
    View Sprint Management
    Sprint Management
  7. Task Management Helper animation principle finder tool jira project management task task management assistant helper trello ticket productivity product clean web ux typography app ui
    View Task Management Helper
    Task Management Helper
  8. The Spotify of Fitness typography web app web spotify app ex ui exercise dark theme dark app dark mode dark workout fitness
    View The Spotify of Fitness
    The Spotify of Fitness
  9. Product Roadmap - Timeline Management milestone product design project management tool gantt saas platform management agenda product app web statistics aha productivity roadmap ux ui timeline chart
    View Product Roadmap - Timeline Management
    Product Roadmap - Timeline Management
  10. Clean Documentation ux ui typography productivity product notion notes minimalist google doc epics documentation docs confluence collaboration clean
    View Clean Documentation
    Clean Documentation
  11. Bubble Tea Delivery beverage latte checkout ecommerce order delivery food bubble tea typography ux listing app mobile ui
    View Bubble Tea Delivery
    Bubble Tea Delivery
  12. Minimalist Music Player clean mobile app design cards card slider players interface uidesign player lyrics ux ui artist tracks song album music listen app
    View Minimalist Music Player
    Minimalist Music Player
  13. Plant Ecommerce App buttons green corners icons typography ui shopping ecommerce app plant
    View Plant Ecommerce App
    Plant Ecommerce App
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