1. Legacy Icons - Coloured imac pager cd floppy vector color icon legacy retro
    Legacy Icons - Coloured
  2. Legacy Icons black and white outline monochrome old cd floppy icons legacy retro
    Legacy Icons
  3. CSS Helix Loader pink twist helix transition animation codepen loader css
    CSS Helix Loader
  4. Retro Game Design: Pure CSS Stacker simple flat retro game css
    Retro Game Design: Pure CSS Stacker
  5. Pure Css Game Tic-Tac-Toe code fun game css
    Pure Css Game Tic-Tac-Toe
  6. Simple Internal Inbox Interface side nav messages ui interface inbox
    Simple Internal Inbox Interface
  7. Pure CSS Christmas Wreath xmas festive seasons greetings holiday wreath christmas
    Pure CSS Christmas Wreath
  8. Pure CSS 3D Flip Counter flip clock dark counter 3d front end css
    Pure CSS 3D Flip Counter
  9. Phlat Watch UI Into Real Life animation gif fingers watch ui notification messages recording photo
    Phlat Watch UI Into Real Life
  10. Phlat Watch UI - Message watch ui watch messages notification animation
    Phlat Watch UI - Message
  11. Vancouver Badge illustration animation gif vancouver city green
    Vancouver Badge
  12. Rounded Icon Set iconset icons psd svg eps vector rounded bubbly free download
    Rounded Icon Set
  13. Check On/Off toggle checkbox circle animation
    Check On/Off
  14. The New Ordering Icon icon sort
    The New Ordering Icon
  15. Simple Icon Set icon simple clean vector wip iconset
    Simple Icon Set
  16. Flat Video Player flat video player ui
    Flat Video Player
  17. Burger UI food
    Burger UI
  18. Flat Shadow on 3D on Flat flat shadow vector simple
    Flat Shadow on 3D on Flat
  19. Calendar Widget Revisited calendar widget
    Calendar Widget Revisited
  20. Audio UI Classic
    Audio UI Classic
  21. Esri - Responsive responsive website
    Esri - Responsive
  22. Dots - Musical Version (400px) fun
    Dots - Musical Version (400px)
  23. Social Share Button social button ui
    Social Share Button
  24. My Workspace dark
    My Workspace
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