AL MobilBank - All screens

May 21, 2018

Here are all the screens for my banking app - Arbejdernes Landsbank MobilBank - this got a little bit out of hand! There may be more to come, not sure.

AL MobilBank - Money Transfer

May 14, 2018

Flow for money transfer. One of the more complex flows i´ve done in flinto, and properly my last. Will try to keep the interactions shorter in the future. Loosing focus when thy are this long. Just for fun.

AL MobilBank - Page Transition

May 06, 2018

Page transition for my little app. Trying to find a common pattern, that can be used for all pages. Hope you like it. Comments are welcome.

AL MobilBank - Notifications

April 28, 2018

Notification center for my little banking app. Hope you like it :) #justforfun

AL MobilBank - Help menu

April 15, 2018

Help menu in banking app. The concept is that the help menu is contextual, and only shows relevant topics based on where in the app you are. Hope you like it :) #justforfun

AL MobilBank - Log in

April 13, 2018

Log in screen and dashboard animation for my little mobile banking app. Hope you like it :) #justforfun

Mobile Banking Screens

April 06, 2018

Well these are turning out better then expected. Gonna be fun to animate in flinto #nextstep #justforfun.

Mobile Banking

March 26, 2018

A little bit of me time = a little bit og sketch time. Planing on using this as a platform for a lot of ui animation stuff. Will post detailed shots later. #Just for fun

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