Hoopz - Cart and notification - Alternative

June 22, 2018

Been bouncing this idea for a cart reveal around in my head for a while, and wanted to test it. So here you go :) Please see .mov for higher quality. Inspired by thinkandshift.co.nz

Hoopz - Cart and notification

May 20, 2018

Cart sidebare and notification for my Hoopz redesign. Sorry for the low quality gif. I've attached some .mov files in better quality, so you can get a better sense of the smaller details.

Hoopz Product Carousel - non perspective

November 13, 2017

Been asked for a non perspective version of this, and i aim to please. P.S. Sorry for the spam!

Hoopz Product Carousel

November 10, 2017

Another Flinto test. This time its the product carousel. Still just for fun.

Hoopz hero animation

November 09, 2017

Another small test in Flinto. This I totally dig ... will definitely use Flinto for the smaller contained animation.

Hoopz Flinot test

November 09, 2017

Playing around with Flinto for the first time. I like it, even though it´s a bit cumbersome and rough around the edges. Its also focused heavily on mobile as all these programs are. Would love to see more focus on desktop/web. Anybody ...

Hoopz v2 pages

October 08, 2017

Well i ain't job hunting anymore (more on that later). But i still got time to kill, so i kept on working on my little hoopz.dk project. Still just for fun.

Hoopz v2.0 full view

September 28, 2017

Killing time while job hunting. Redesign for a danish basket shop, where i like to buy kicks. Just for fun.

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