1. Pigs Can Fly - V2 bright red mark logo branding
    Pigs Can Fly - V2
  2. Merging municipalities mark mark branding
    Merging municipalities mark
  3. Merging municipalities coat of arms mark coat of arms branding
    Merging municipalities coat of arms
  4. Partners for Design logo
    Partners for Design
  5. What do you read? wordmark
    What do you read?
  6. Pigs Can Fly? logo branding logomark
    Pigs Can Fly?
  7. heyde logo blue white cyan mark water
  8. H mark black white
  9. Lambrecht Wine wine red black logo branding
    Lambrecht Wine
  10. Van Den Heede pink blue logo grey
    Van Den Heede
  11. Huis Picqué - round 2 red logo branding abstract grey brown
    Huis Picqué - round 2
  12. Huis Piqué logo grey red blue brown identity
    Huis Piqué
  13. Fine Smoked Ham! yelllow brown icon typography webdesign
    Fine Smoked Ham!
  14. David branding logo design grey
  15. JECA Personal Identity logo identity design branding blue yellow
    JECA Personal Identity
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