1. Merry And Bright typography lettering christmas greeting card holiday
    View Merry And Bright
    Merry And Bright
  2. "Leftovers" book cover WIP middle grade tween typographic illustration hand lettering book cover
    View "Leftovers" book cover WIP
    "Leftovers" book cover WIP
  3. Book cover WIP digital work in progress young adult middle grade hand-lettering book cover illustration
    View Book cover WIP
    Book cover WIP
  4. Think Summer Think Fordham nyc education typographic illustration lettering hand-lettering
    View Think Summer Think Fordham
    Think Summer Think Fordham
  5. Love Will Set You Free typography ink drawing custom wedding quote song lyric calligraphy hand-lettering
    View Love Will Set You Free
    Love Will Set You Free
  6. Magazine cover WIP typography hand-lettering illustration cover art magazine
    View Magazine cover WIP
    Magazine cover WIP
  7. Magazine Cover WIP illustrative type illustration typography hand-lettering lettering
    View Magazine Cover WIP
    Magazine Cover WIP
  8. Bright Beautiful Journal cover-finish hand-lettering pattern illustration typography color
    View Bright Beautiful Journal cover-finish
    Bright Beautiful Journal cover-finish
  9. WIP Journal Cover wip sketch lettering hand-lettered ink drawing edwardian style illustration
    View WIP Journal Cover
    WIP Journal Cover
  10. WIP book cover lettering hand lettering typography vector process book cover lettering line work
    View WIP book cover lettering
    WIP book cover lettering
  11. Book Cover Lettering—Color book cover hand-lettering typography ya flourish vector
    View Book Cover Lettering—Color
    Book Cover Lettering—Color
  12. Save the Date cards letterpress hand-lettering wedding stationery
    View Save the Date cards
    Save the Date cards
  13. Book cover type design type design hand-lettering typography decorative vector
    View Book cover type design
    Book cover type design
  14. Day of the Dead drawing vector art line art illustration day of the dead
    View Day of the Dead
    Day of the Dead
  15. Month of Fear inking lettering pen  ink logo process
    View Month of Fear inking
    Month of Fear inking
  16. Month of Fear lettering sketch
    View Month of Fear
    Month of Fear
  17. More Abigail sketches lettering book cover titling
    View More Abigail
    More Abigail
  18. Abigail sketches sketches lettering book cover titling
    View Abigail sketches
    Abigail sketches
  19. Journal cover illustration lettering
    View Journal cover
    Journal cover
  20. Angel—detail  letterpress
    View Angel—detail
  21. Crawfishdrawing drawing ink
    View Crawfishdrawing
  22. Crawfishletterpress letterpress drawing
    View Crawfishletterpress
  23. Mykia WIP drawing lettering ink line
    View Mykia WIP
    Mykia WIP
  24. Crawfish Love line drawing illustration letterpress
    View Crawfish Love
    Crawfish Love
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