1. Plus Reward Chests illustration tiers reward chest
    View Plus Reward Chests
    Plus Reward Chests
  2. Mastery Quiz graph scoring progress
    View Mastery Quiz
    Mastery Quiz
  3. Gems gems gems currency gems illustration
    View Gems gems gems
    Gems gems gems
  4. Learning Statistics 2 ui graph visualization data
    View Learning Statistics 2
    Learning Statistics 2
  5. Learning Statistics 1 ui graph visualization progress data
    View Learning Statistics 1
    Learning Statistics 1
  6. Learning Insights graph progress ui
    View Learning Insights
    Learning Insights
  7. Upgrading a skill level progress animation upgrade
    View Upgrading a skill
    Upgrading a skill
  8. A new mechanic! home popout skills upgrade level
    View A new mechanic!
    A new mechanic!
  9. beep boop currency conveyor belt gems conversion robot
    View beep boop
    beep boop
  10. Uplift splash page web home splash page
    View Uplift splash page
    Uplift splash page
  11. Daily goal drawer streak dropdown statistics drawer
    View Daily goal drawer
    Daily goal drawer
  12. Daily Goal Reward motion reward
    View Daily Goal Reward
    Daily Goal Reward
  13. Avatar Color Selector customizer avatar selector color
    View Avatar Color Selector
    Avatar Color Selector
  14. Avatar Customizer scroll customizer avatar
    View Avatar Customizer
    Avatar Customizer
  15. Avatars Splash Screen splash animation avatars
    View Avatars Splash Screen
    Avatars Splash Screen
  16. Duolingo Design Guidelines guidelines ui elements style guide
    View Duolingo Design Guidelines
    Duolingo Design Guidelines
  17. Rounds emr ui checklist scale to do profile healthcare
    View Rounds
  18. Player Profile play edit ui player card profile
    View Player Profile
    Player Profile
  19. Play play ui mobile racquet sports event
    View Play
  20. Devices icons app mobile ui design
    View Devices
  21. UI Style Doc style guide menu navigation dropdown tab toggle color
    View UI Style Doc
    UI Style Doc
  22. The Collective – Style C ui color maps location style tile
    View The Collective – Style C
    The Collective – Style C
  23. The Collective – Style B timer map location style tile ui color
    View The Collective – Style B
    The Collective – Style B
  24. The Collective - Style A map location color style tile timeline ui
    View The Collective - Style A
    The Collective - Style A
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