1. Clyde — Discord's AI Chatbot ai chatbot discord robot
    View Clyde — Discord's AI Chatbot
    Clyde — Discord's AI Chatbot
  2. Linked Roles on Discord discord interaction design motion product deisgn ui ux
    View Linked Roles on Discord
    Linked Roles on Discord
  3. Discord Activities activities animation app discord gif product design tech ui ux
    View Discord Activities
    Discord Activities
  4. Backyard.co app backyard case study product design product strategy startup ui ux web app
    View Backyard.co
  5. Google Santa Tracker - Mobile android google mobile product design santa tracker
    View Google Santa Tracker - Mobile
    Google Santa Tracker - Mobile
  6. Google Santa Tracker - Desktop animation desktop flat google hero lottie motion santa tracker
    View Google Santa Tracker - Desktop
    Google Santa Tracker - Desktop
  7. Chromebooks.com chromebooks design system google motion web design
    View Chromebooks.com
  8. Pixel Slate PDP chromebooks google motion pdp pixel slate ui animation
    View Pixel Slate PDP
    Pixel Slate PDP
  9. buildaboard 3d c4d ecommerce interactive interface motion shop skate skateboard
    View buildaboard
  10. Apple Maps AR Concept app ar augmented reality location maps mobile motion ui ux
    View Apple Maps AR Concept
    Apple Maps AR Concept
  11. Skip Activation Concept ar augmented reality electric scooter mobile app rideshare scooter
    View Skip Activation Concept
    Skip Activation Concept
  12. futurespace 3d app ar augmented reality ecommerce furniture loader retail transition ui
    View futurespace
  13. DriveToWindCreek.com 3d app c4d golf golf club mobile mobile game swing ui
    View DriveToWindCreek.com
  14. Golf Game WIP 3d app c4d club game golf mobile swing ui
    View Golf Game WIP
    Golf Game WIP
  15. Onboarding Animation animation app clean illustration mobile onboarding simple travel ui ux
    View Onboarding Animation
    Onboarding Animation
  16. Blood Sweat & Bots animation bots flat font google tech text type undefeated america
    View Blood Sweat & Bots
    Blood Sweat & Bots
  17. Flipboard — Clutter animation email facebook flipboard gif instagram notification pull to refresh selfie twitter
    View Flipboard — Clutter
    Flipboard — Clutter
  18. IAM2018.org — Homepage activist dark theme desktop hero homepage mlk motion protest slider ui
    View IAM2018.org — Homepage
    IAM2018.org — Homepage
  19. IAM2018.org — Our Fight activist dark theme desktop event long layout mask image motion peel protest website
    View IAM2018.org — Our Fight
    IAM2018.org — Our Fight
  20. 770 Hero animation distort equality fist hero intro union warp
    View 770 Hero
    770 Hero
  21. UFCW 770 Homepage calendar canibis homepage protest rights stats union workers
    View UFCW 770 Homepage
    UFCW 770 Homepage
  22. Agency Icons aency aniamiton card color bar glitch hiring icons morph
    View Agency Icons
    Agency Icons
  23. Where Legends are Made Campaign college sports motion design tv production university of alabama video editing video production
    View Where Legends are Made Campaign
    Where Legends are Made Campaign
  24. Decipher.sc cyber decipher glitch hover landing page security text animation website design
    View Decipher.sc
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