1. Menu Venue 1.0 concept art digital art faces rocking out visual design vetor vectorart buffalo ny band rock touring illustration animation rock face
    View Menu Venue 1.0
    Menu Venue 1.0
  2. Where's Mommy? sleeping couch grain phantom scary ghost 2d animation 2d short film film motion design design buffalo vector illustration animation
    View Where's Mommy?
    Where's Mommy?
  3. Nap time visual design motion after effects motion graphics 2d art short film film visual essay grain after effects animation after effects animator animation 2d 2d animation
    View Nap time
    Nap time
  4. Bedroom Sequence illustration animation after effects illustrator vector bedroom decor animation motion animals grain shadow door bedroom
    View Bedroom Sequence
    Bedroom Sequence
  5. The Eyes Have It grain feet eyes motion graphics after effects motion graphics after effects motion design vector design buffalo illustration animation
    View The Eyes Have It
    The Eyes Have It
  6. Bedroom sleeping slippers door shadow light bedroom design vector buffalo buffalo ny illustration illustrator grain texture
    View Bedroom
  7. Highway Travel car short motion design motion john hughes planes trains automobiles buffalo ny design buffalo funny animated animation
    View Highway Travel
    Highway Travel
  8. Hallway vase doorway grain design buffalo vector illustration animation
    View Hallway
  9. Grainy Couch hallway vector grain halftone illustrator couch concept design concept art film buffalo animation
    View Grainy Couch
    Grainy Couch
  10. Visual Essay WIP buffalo illustration records animation motion guitar
    View Visual Essay WIP
    Visual Essay WIP
  11. Records conceptart visual design retro records design buffalo animation vector illustration
    View Records
  12. Staypuff 2.0 motion art motion motiongraphics motion design design buffalo vector illustration animation
    View Staypuff 2.0
    Staypuff 2.0
  13. Texture experiment 1.0 after effects animation after effects distressed mograph motiongraphics motion design motion vector animation
    View Texture experiment 1.0
    Texture experiment 1.0
  14. Ball 1.1 vector animation design motion ball animation aftereffects
    View Ball 1.1
    Ball 1.1
  15. Disappearing Ball Trick ball motion design motion aftereffects vector animation
    View Disappearing Ball Trick
    Disappearing Ball Trick
  16. Quick Trim vector render particles motion design motion illustration digital art character design buffalo ny buffalo braun animation mutton chops beard adobe after effects adobe illustrator
    View Quick Trim
    Quick Trim
  17. Wisest Owl Ever Animation owl cartoon illustration character design design buffalo funny vector animation
    View Wisest Owl Ever Animation
    Wisest Owl Ever Animation
  18. Wisest Owl Ever character design comic funny illustration cartoon
    View Wisest Owl Ever
    Wisest Owl Ever
  19. Team Coco buffalony humor funny characterdesign fanart ink vector teamcoco conanobrien
    View Team Coco
    Team Coco
  20. Bloof blob fish heart suspenders vector illustration character design cartoon illustration cartoon ink funny humor characterdesign character
    View Bloof
  21. Eco cow ecology eco greenhouse farm cow character design design buffalo comic funny vector sketch illustration cartoon
    View Eco cow
    Eco cow
  22. Foosball ink comic art comic panel design buffalo comic funny vector sketch cartoon
    View Foosball
  23. Model employee ink cartooning design buffalo funny illustration skeleton business comicstrip comics comic cartoon
    View Model employee
    Model employee
  24. You're a monster! design buffalo funny vector cartoon illustration comic strip comic panel comic monster
    View You're a monster!
    You're a monster!
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