1. Rhythm of the world animation god hand icon illustration james oconnell jamesp0p lines movement thumbprint
    View Rhythm of the world
    Rhythm of the world
  2. Bricks and mortar block bricks business colour and lines ecommerce fintech flag heart illustration minimal ui
    View Bricks and mortar
    Bricks and mortar
  3. Build your own solution airfix basket build colour and lines ecommerce finance fintech illustration minimal money payments tech thumbprint
    View Build your own solution
    Build your own solution
  4. Savings brand character climb colour and lines icons illustration james oconnell ladder logo minimal savings thumbprint
    View Savings
  5. Erudus icon set brand colour and lines design foodtech graphic icon illustration info james oconnell minimal thumbprint
    View Erudus icon set
    Erudus icon set
  6. Tasty shelves aliens brand character colour and lines food icon illustration james oconnell minimal shelf tech thumbprint
    View Tasty shelves
    Tasty shelves
  7. Food stats character colour and lines data foodtech illustration minimal tech thumbprint ui
    View Food stats
    Food stats
  8. Payment hardware brand colour and lines fashion fintech hot dog icon illustration james oconnell mechanic payments self service thumbprint
    View Payment hardware
    Payment hardware
  9. Payments distance bank colour and lines contactless fintech icon illustration minimal mobile money payments thumbprint wireless
    View Payments distance
    Payments distance
  10. Healing brand character colour and lines doctor healthcare illustration james oconnell listen minimal nurse thumbprint
    View Healing
  11. Everyone's equal brand colour and lines freedom illustration james oconnell minimal thumbprint win workforce
    View Everyone's equal
    Everyone's equal
  12. Hospital stresses brand characters colour and lines doctor healthcare hospital illustration james oconnell minimal nurse thumbprint
    View Hospital stresses
    Hospital stresses
  13. Tense moments brand character colour and lines colourandlines illustration james oconnell mental health minimal stress thumbprint
    View Tense moments
    Tense moments
  14. Overwhelmed character colour and lines human resource illustration james oconnell leader minimal stress thumbprint truth
    View Overwhelmed
  15. Virtual learning block brand colour and lines colourandlines illustration james oconnell learning minimal thumbprint virtual reality
    View Virtual learning
    Virtual learning
  16. Industry platform buildings colour and lines finance fintech green energy infrastructure investment james oconnell minimal modus thumbprint transport
    View Industry platform
    Industry platform
  17. Aston Martin DB5 3d scanning aston martin automobile brand car colour and lines drive illustration lines minimal thumbprint
    View Aston Martin DB5
    Aston Martin DB5
  18. Discover 3D scanning 3d aston martin brand colour and lines db5 illustration minimal scanning tech thumbprint
    View Discover 3D scanning
    Discover 3D scanning
  19. Transport automobile car colour and lines formula 1 illustration james oconnell landscape minimal plane thumbprint train travel
    View Transport
  20. Dressing for the weekend aftershave fintech icon illustration lines minimal nail polish perfume price salon smell thumbprint
    View Dressing for the weekend
    Dressing for the weekend
  21. Finding the right balance balance character colour and lines email features hunter.io illustration marketing minimal peace tech thumbprint yoga
    View Finding the right balance
    Finding the right balance
  22. En route bag bicycle character colour and lines cycling editorial illustration james oconnell landscape minimal riding thumbprint
    View En route
    En route
  23. Clean bike - clean ride bicycle bidon clean editorial helmet icons illustration james oconnell minimal ride safety thumbprint
    View Clean bike - clean ride
    Clean bike - clean ride
  24. Choose your ride bicycle boundless brompton colour and lines cycling explore freedom illustration lines pedal ride thumbprint wheels
    View Choose your ride
    Choose your ride
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