1. Bottom Search Bar bottom navigation bottom search bottom sheet design horizontal list iphone x madeintoronto minimal navigation payment payments quick access recent contacts search ui ux
    View Bottom Search Bar
    Bottom Search Bar
  2. Sequestr: Project Listing carbon project carbon removal climate crisis crypto dutch auction minimal project listing ui ux view
    View Sequestr: Project Listing
    Sequestr: Project Listing
  3. Send Money ios madeintoronto minimal money money transfer p2p payment payments peer to peer send money toronto ui ux wallet wallet app
    View Send Money
    Send Money
  4. Connect Card bottom sheet card connect credit card design finance financial app ios light light and dark minimal qr scan simple ui ux
    View Connect Card
    Connect Card
  5. Cart Bottom Sheet bottom navigation bottom sheet carbon cart checkout design iphone x minimal minimalist navigation quick access shopping ui ux
    View Cart Bottom Sheet
    Cart Bottom Sheet
  6. Prototype: Collections collections feed flinto grid ios items madeintoronto minimal motion posts transitions view
    View Prototype: Collections
    Prototype: Collections
  7. Bunz on iOS app bunz ios iphone location madeintoronto marketplace minimal screens spec trading view
    View Bunz on iOS
    Bunz on iOS
  8. Sequestr: Carbon Dutch Auction auction carbon carbon offsets carbon removal clean design dutch auction minimal offsets removal simple ui ux
    View Sequestr: Carbon Dutch Auction
    Sequestr: Carbon Dutch Auction
  9. Schedule Payment clean design ios list list items minimal navigation p2p payment payment app payments peer to peer quick access schedule schedule payment
    View Schedule Payment
    Schedule Payment
  10. Ecommerce Home Page cart collections desktop dropdown e commerce e commerce website ecommerce filter grid horizontal list item grid landing page madeintoronto minimal scrollable list toronto ui uiux ux webapp
    View Ecommerce Home Page
    Ecommerce Home Page
  11. Split / Each Payments bottom sheet each finance fintech ios madeintoronto minimal multi user payments pay payments payments app simple split split bills toronto ui ux
    View Split / Each Payments
    Split / Each Payments
  12. Wallet cards iphone x madeintoronto mastercard minimal p2p payments peer to peer quick access recents toronto transactions ui ux visa wallet wallet app
    View Wallet
  13. Bank Dashboard ios madeintoronto minimal mobile money money tracking payment spending transaction history transactions ui ux
    View Bank Dashboard
    Bank Dashboard
  14. UberPOOL Party app ios madeintoronto minimal party profile ride sharing ride sharing app silly social app toronto uber uberpool ui ux
    View UberPOOL Party
    UberPOOL Party
  15. Prototype: Bottom Sheet Filters bottom sheet bottom sheets filters flinto ios madeintoronto minimal motion prototype sort ui ux
    View Prototype: Bottom Sheet Filters
    Prototype: Bottom Sheet Filters
  16. Open Banking banking blockchain fintech flinto ios iphone madeintoronto minimal motion payments prototype ui
    View Open Banking
    Open Banking
  17. Fund Project bottom sheet fund fundraising ios list minimal payment payment method portfolio project sdg tabs ui ux
    View Fund Project
    Fund Project
  18. How Does it Work app blockchain branding crypto currency exchange design digital currency exchange how landing page landing page ui lending minimal otc products toronto trade ui ux web design
    View How Does it Work
    How Does it Work
  19. Dashboard analytics campaigns cloud dashboard dashboard ui data visualization data viz minimal stats ui ux
    View Dashboard
  20. Buy with Impact app branding credit cards design environment environmental financial services fintech impact investing landing page marketing minimal purchasing ui website
    View Buy with Impact
    Buy with Impact
  21. Impact Card Socials eco finance financial services instagram investing minimal social investing social media social media pack
    View Impact Card Socials
    Impact Card Socials
  22. Lake Team and Portfolio bitcoin branding crypto design illustration investing investment portfolio madeintoronto minimal portfolio
    View Lake Team and Portfolio
    Lake Team and Portfolio
  23. Lake Finance app bitcoin branding crypto design illustration illustrations investing lake landing page madeintoronto minimal money payments ux website
    View Lake Finance
    Lake Finance
  24. Discover Feed articles content design discover explore feed layout madeintor minimal news ui ux
    View Discover Feed
    Discover Feed
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