1. Travel website concept design figma kamal page search typography ui ux web
    View Travel website
    Travel website
  2. Hotel booking website. concept design figma kamal search skeumorphic typography ui ux web
    View Hotel booking website.
    Hotel booking website.
  3. A Colourizer App app app concept color concept dark design figma kamal search theme typography ui ui design ux
    View A Colourizer App
    A Colourizer App
  4. Design tools adobe xd design down drop dropdown figma kamal sketch ui ux
    View Design tools
    Design tools
  5. Tv Remote App app app concept concept design figma kamal search skeumorphic typography ui ux
    View Tv Remote App
    Tv Remote App
  6. Hashtag generator app app app concept concept design figma generator hashtag kamal marketing search typography ui ux
    View Hashtag generator app
    Hashtag generator app
  7. Payment split Concept app app concept concept design dutch figma kamal pay payment search split splitter typography ui ux way
    View Payment split Concept
    Payment split Concept
  8. Coffee Description page app app concept coffee concept description design figma kamal page product search ui ux
    View Coffee Description page
    Coffee Description page
  9. Hangout concept app (figma freebie) app app concept ball bowling concept design event figma going invite kamal out pin typography ui ux
    View Hangout concept app (figma freebie)
    Hangout concept app (figma freebie)
  10. Error 404 concept 404 concept dailyui design error figma kamal page search typography ui ux web
    View Error 404 concept
    Error 404 concept
  11. Minor redesign of swiggy ( Figma Freebie ) app app concept beverage concept design figma food food and beverage freebie kamal redesign search swiggy ui ux web
    View Minor redesign of swiggy ( Figma Freebie )
    Minor redesign of swiggy ( Figma Freebie )
  12. On/Off toggle (figma freebie) button buttons concept design kamal off on skeumorphic skeumorphism switch toggle toggles ui ui design uidesign
    View On/Off toggle (figma freebie)
    On/Off toggle (figma freebie)
  13. Business Card Mockup (Figma freebie) art black and white business card card card design concept contact card design figma kamal shadow skeumorphic skeumorphism
    View Business Card Mockup (Figma freebie)
    Business Card Mockup (Figma freebie)
  14. Boarding Pass Redesign airplane app blue boarding code concept design kamal pass plane qr qrcode red typogaphy ui ux
    View Boarding Pass Redesign
    Boarding Pass Redesign
  15. Online Coffee Store branding coffee concept concept design dailyui012 product product branding product brochure product catalogue ui ui design uidesign uiux uix userinterface userinterfacedesign ux web webdesign webdesigner
    View Online Coffee Store
    Online Coffee Store
  16. Fortnite Giveaway fortnite fun giveaway mobile purple search second ui uidesign web webdesign win yellow
    View Fortnite Giveaway
    Fortnite Giveaway
  17. Netflix Explore tab app app concept app design debut debutshot design explore first first shot navigation netflix search suggest suggestion suggestions typography ui ui design
    View Netflix Explore tab
    Netflix Explore tab
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