1. Odyssey • Planning List timeline video call design system freelance meeting schedule tasks product design collaboration teamwork call appointment agency calendar app events planning calendar desktop clean branding
    Odyssey • Planning List
  2. Odyssey • Planning tool calendar app agency call tasks product design schedule freelance meeting appointment event design system collaboration teamwork planning calendar clean branding
    Odyssey • Planning tool
  3. Watermark: Add Photo Copyright video photography photo tool photo editing photo editor filters edit effect photo effects photo edit photo filter photo app photo icons iphone ui mobile app ios
    Watermark: Add Photo Copyright
  4. Reverse Vid: Play It Backwards photo effects video effects effects photo editor photography photo app tool photo video app video tool photo edit video editing video editor video edit edit video ui mobile app ios
    Reverse Vid: Play It Backwards
  5. Slo-Mo Video player playback video tool video maker speedometer speed tool visual design snail video edit video editor slow motion slowmotion editor photo video ui mobile app ios
    Slo-Mo Video
  6. Exercise App 🏋🏻 gym app cycling health gym workout fitness app exercise ux product design mobile illustration mobile app color 2020 trend application app design app user interface ui minimal
    Exercise App 🏋🏻
  7. Smart Home App | Mobile Dashboard clean smart app smart house home app home automation home appliances room accesories iphone ui mobile ios app home internet of things automation dashboard iot smart home app smart home
    Smart Home App | Mobile Dashboard
  8. Calendar • Schedule meetings tasks form agency freelance consulting desktop product design event team collaboration schedule clean colorful branding call appointment calendar video conference meetings
    Calendar • Schedule meetings
  9. Music player profile artist music app application mobile app mobile trend 2019 clean android app ux ui ios minimal
    Music player
  10. Zest • Behance case study case study bank payments icons freelance hero pricing page landing page desktop credit card clean startup bank app banking banking app finance fintech neobank branding behance
    Zest • Behance case study
  11. Tutorial Screens / Call Recording App for iOS / Onboarding iphone ui vector illustration mobile app ios tutorials onboarding tutorial walkthrough
    Tutorial Screens / Call Recording App for iOS / Onboarding
  12. Freebie | Clinic UI elements healthcare booking appointment game sport fitness profile icons patient sketch minimal medical statistics analytics charts clean clinic health dashboard freebie
    Freebie | Clinic UI elements
  13. Medical App / Profile & Activity health care health app medical app weight loss weight heart chart step counter heart rate sleep mobile ios healthcare dashboad monitor medicine medical health sport sport app
    Medical App / Profile & Activity
  14. Finest Dining : Mobile App food app kitchen shopify dishes food resturant dining finest dining 2020 trend dribbble best shot colorful uiux designer ui  ux design uiux mobile uiux mobile ui kit ios app design mobile ui mobile app mobile
    Finest Dining : Mobile App
  15. Devoted | Splash Screen  Aryana Shakibaei onboarding screen ux design uidesign minimal simple clean ux ui mobile app ios app ios app register signin login tutorial walkthrough
    Devoted | Splash Screen Aryana Shakibaei
  16. Martup - Online Technology Shop technology slider ecommerce clean web website layout interface design ui
    Martup - Online Technology Shop
  17. Shift • Onboardings part 1 onboarding screens banking app bank app expenses charts neobank bank statistics finance analytics online bank banking money categories fintech clean branding illustration onboarding
    Shift • Onboardings part 1
  18. Shift • Preview part 1 banking app bank app neobank online bank payments credit card budget balance statistics patterns clean onboarding illustration banking bank money finance fintech branding uiux
    Shift • Preview part 1
  19. Pets Adoption UI 🐹 pet care dog app dog animals ui animals app design app web designer uidesign colorful app uiux ui adoption pets dashboard 2020 trand
    Pets Adoption UI 🐹
  20. Shift • Spending stats and details balance statistics payments online bank invoice bill charts expenses analytics bank app bankapp credit card banking bank finance fintech uiux clean money branding
    Shift • Spending stats and details
  21. Shift app • balance and breakdown online bank finance minimalist icons banking app patterns expense tracker bank app analytics statistics payments expenses balance banking bank fintech money clean branding uiux
    Shift app • balance and breakdown
  22. Hustl • Design community branding clean home page hero homepage landing page illustration friends dog desktop team collaboration colorful flatdesign flat character pattern mentor community
    Hustl • Design community
  23. Agencia Landing Page mobile app portfolio interface responsive ux typography colors branding agency agency website website design web website adobe xd landing page homepage 2020 trend design user interface minimal
    Agencia Landing Page
  24. Zest • Top of the pricing page startup bank card corporate price online bank hero freelance bank clean uiux money finance banking app banking fintech pricing page pricing credit card branding desktop
    Zest • Top of the pricing page
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