1. Badge freebie moon mountains space night scenery purple landscape planets stars freebie badge
    Badge freebie
  2. Save button pink blue save heart minimal button
    Save button
  3. Day 82 Form fields ux ui dailyui add new create trips minimal form
    Day 82 Form
  4. Day 81 Status Update soft blue dailyui minimal like profile ui update status
    Day 81 Status Update
  5. Day 80 Date Picker Freebie sketch giveaway freebie dailyui calendar picker date form search minimal
    Day 80 Date Picker Freebie
  6. Day 79 Itinerary white space clean minimal trip travel timeline map dailyui itinerary
    Day 79 Itinerary
  7. Day 78 Pending Invitation Freebie sketch illustration invitation pending dailyui ui giveaway freebie
    Day 78 Pending Invitation Freebie
  8. Day 77 Thank you ui ux green white dailyui minimal typography subscribe thank you
    Day 77 Thank you
  9. Day 76 Loading Content Freebie giveaway ui free dailyui freebie icon ghost minimal purple content loading
    Day 76 Loading Content Freebie
  10. Day 75 Pre Order add to cart detail minimal dailyui watch card cart product order pre preorder pre-order
    Day 75 Pre Order
  11. Day 74 Download App wave clean typography shapes geometry icon app download blue minimal
    Day 74 Download App
  12. Day 73 Virtual Reality waves surf surfing ux ui dailyui vr reality virtual
    Day 73 Virtual Reality
  13. Day 72 Image Slider black white photography slider image photo tags grey
    Day 72 Image Slider
  14. Day 72 Image Slider grey tags photo image slider photography white black
    Day 72 Image Slider
  15. Day 71 Schedule timeline minimal clean list to do calendar agenda schedule ux ui dailyui red
    Day 71 Schedule
  16. Day 70 Event Listing concert singer grey pink minimal ux ui dailyui card box listing event
    Day 70 Event Listing
  17. Day 69 Trending gradient button shopping product card trending minimal. dailyui black gold marshall
    Day 69 Trending
  18. Day 68 Flight Search green search flight inspiration travel clean dailyui typography minimal
    Day 68 Flight Search
  19. Day 67 Hotel booking check out check in booking hotel black grid off white minimal
    Day 67 Hotel booking
  20. Day 66 - Statistics dailyui clean minimal blue green chart graph statistics
    Day 66 - Statistics
  21. Day 65 Notes Widget ui dailyui minimal clean paper yellow notepad widget notes
    Day 65 Notes Widget
  22. Day 64 Select User Type checkmark select checkbox dailyui ui blue hood riding red type user
    Day 64 Select User Type
  23. Day 63 Best of 2016 card glow shadow photography orange dailyui 2016 2015 best of
    Day 63 Best of 2016
  24. Day 62 Workout of the day white dailyui font pairing design clean ui minimal green fitness exercise of the day workout
    Day 62 Workout of the day
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