1. Native Bag UI gift checkout native shopping retail bag ui mobile app ios
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    Native Bag UI
  2. Valo (Concept for Yolt) ux ui app finance categories interface concept iphone ios money banking fintech
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    Valo (Concept for Yolt)
  3. Skillshare To-Do App skillshare to-do soft pastel today tasks lists due todo
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    Skillshare To-Do App
  4. Monthly Toys modal cta bender toys iphone 6s cards monthly subscription vinyl figures
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    Monthly Toys
  5. TfL Ambassadors mobile ui mobile grid clean transport app london ambassadors tfl iphone
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    TfL Ambassadors
  6. Material Games mobile games nexus 5 android material design
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    Material Games
  7. iOS Labs iphone side project mark liquid labs ios logo icon
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    iOS Labs
  8. KingsX iphone review restaurants london kings cross the app business simple
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  9. World Cup - Man of the Match world cup football soccer portugal brasil man of the match poll interactive brazil
    View World Cup - Man of the Match
    World Cup - Man of the Match
  10. Premier League Match Centre football soccer match score premier league ios7 iphone
    View Premier League Match Centre
    Premier League Match Centre
  11. Patient Card (iOS7) ios7 health patient emergency card patient card accidents sketch
    View Patient Card (iOS7)
    Patient Card (iOS7)
  12. iPhone - Compose ios iphone compose cta location camera post send
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    iPhone - Compose
  13. iOS Postcard ios postal postcard texture iphone retina
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    iOS Postcard
  14. Web App Details buttons tabs wealthbird app web app bank pig
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    Web App Details
  15. Iphone Texture Work texture ios iphone retina button
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    Iphone Texture Work
  16. Search Results search search results search filters filter sports soccer date
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    Search Results
  17. Video Player & Donate donations donate causes video player video player html5
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    Video Player & Donate
  18. Wepay Checkout ux input wepay checkout credit card payment charge total form iframe ui
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    Wepay Checkout
  19. Portfolio Concept portfolio nature imac brush slider full-width branch
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    Portfolio Concept
  20. User Profile user profile tabs avatar link iconsweets notice welcome
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    User Profile
  21. Shining through! header sun illustration clouds feature bar products list input more texture
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    Shining through!
  22. Products Trade ui product trade box texture button thumbnail clean simple
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    Products Trade
  23. Search & List search
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    Search & List
  24. WePay Fees wepay layout ui ux navigation sidebar fees money percentage numbers website
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    WePay Fees
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