Stretchy Cat

August 17, 2020

Find A Cat

October 31, 2019

So, every Thursday on I run a "Find A Cat" contest. As you may have already properly guessed, there's a hidden cat in every picture which you're supposed to discover 😺 For me, it's a great way to kickstart my brain in...

I Love Meow York Shirt

October 24, 2019

Designing t-shirt graphics is fun, but holding a real thing in your hand is even more so!

Being very busy with my beauty sleep

October 15, 2019

Always good idea to take a nap, right? BTW you can use lots of Iconka stikers in your Instagram stories just by searching "iconka" in GIF sticker section.

Yoga Cat Pattern

October 08, 2019

I mean, can you even imagine more flexible and and meditative character to practice yoga? Really? Can you? Give it a try, but I bet you can't!

I 😻 NY

August 20, 2019

New York apparel design officially approved by NYC cat community. Yes, I asked them, they said "meow".

Spectrum Cat

April 24, 2019

Another explanation how cats are waves and particles at the same time. See more of cat obsessive thoughts at @sketchmeifyoucat.

Phases Of The Cat Moon

February 06, 2019

Staring into the night sky, what do you see? Oh, don't guess, I'll help you - you see a cat curling, or a cat stretching, or no cat at all, and when the cat is away you can only see myriads of tiny cat pawprints. For more of this cat m...

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