1. How to Make Friends in Your 30s pentagram basketball baphomet instructions guide illustration
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    How to Make Friends in Your 30s
  2. Angry Duck run egg duck illustration
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    Angry Duck
  3. Agave desert leaves plant illustration tequila ageve
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  4. Flight Test chicago hummingbird wing test flight aiga poster bird
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    Flight Test
  5. 1000 texture explosion celebration type illustration 1000
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  6. SadBot 9000 treads tv illustration robot
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    SadBot 9000
  7. ESPN: "The Art of Victory" chicago paws hand baseball curse illustration world series cubs goat
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    ESPN: "The Art of Victory"
  8. Cassette  design 1980 pencil texture illustration cassette
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  9. work in progress
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    work in progress
  10. Two Easy Steps a blocks impossible ikea build illustration instructions
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    Two Easy Steps
  11. Athena statue athena experiment geometry illustration
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  12. Soldier statue experiment illustration geometry soldier
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  13. Pieces pig popcorn illustration moon map whiskey drink space
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  14. Hear Hear toast glass hand timeline illustration
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    Hear Hear
  15. Moon Bike illustration moon bike rocket space artcrank
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    Moon Bike
  16. Cream Cyclin' bear unicycle ice cream birthday hat illustration success treat
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    Cream Cyclin'
  17. Sweet! skull bones boom sweet illustration eye grill apparel
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  18. Ghost Town building town blimp illustration haunted museum post office clock water tower
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    Ghost Town
  19. Necronomibud necronomicon book ghost illustration tongue drool pet buddy mouth teeth campbell
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  20. Don't Touch That eel necronomicon sandwich mouse trap poison toxic chemicals illustration icon
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    Don't Touch That
  21. Sunspit sun spit tattoo fire sunglasses illustration skull apollo sun dial burn
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  22. Fish Chop!  fish scissors half illustration infographic slice
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    Fish Chop!
  23. Robo Mural robot city giant grub hooch building biplane blimp mountain mural illustration isometric
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    Robo Mural
  24. City building city water tower construction architecture tree hydrant illustration hotel
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