1. Create Schedule admin calendar schedule app week today vacation ui
    View Create Schedule
    Create Schedule
  2. Employee Schedule calendar schedule app notification month today
    View Employee Schedule
    Employee Schedule
  3. Achievements app achievements list level add sort ui ux team avatar
    View Achievements
  4. Highlight Definition tooltip highlight wysiwyg typography textarea inline edit
    View Highlight Definition
    Highlight Definition
  5. Bookings for the Day list users time slot nav ui ux calendar day web app management
    View Bookings for the Day
    Bookings for the Day
  6. Management Dashboard dashboard graphs management data users list ui web app nav notification search
    View Management Dashboard
    Management Dashboard
  7. Add to Order ios menu food button flat gluten free vegetarian order ui app clean
    View Add to Order
    Add to Order
  8. Tee Time Picker tee time date calendar ui iphone week month flat mobile golf
    View Tee Time Picker
    Tee Time Picker
  9. Sketches sketch paper pencil eraser ios interface app gui credit calendar date time amount available picture save passbook credit card numbers
    View Sketches
  10. Flat UI Kit (Free PSD) icon button ui navigation light menu interface kit form graph white clean flat metro diagram glyph tab tooltip label search bar chart checkbox option select dropdown error success free psd
    View Flat UI Kit (Free PSD)
    Flat UI Kit (Free PSD)
  11. Profile profile ui privacy friends public only me about feed map location university student settings hover sketch open sans web
    View Profile
  12. Videos clean video views ui iphone app menu most viewed genres list icon ux opacity share playlist add
    View Videos
  13. Music Nav music ui iphone app ux white picons helvetica neue search side nav hidden selected devrocket
    View Music Nav
    Music Nav
  14. Infinite Calendar calendar ui ux infinite scroll navigation nav portrait notification search help shifts vacation meeting selected month year today sick purple blur
    View Infinite Calendar
    Infinite Calendar
  15. Shopify Reception App ipad app ui ux shopify notification reception ipad mini team comic welcome push button
    View Shopify Reception App
    Shopify Reception App
  16. Favourite Colour Playoff sexyassblue
    View Favourite Colour Playoff
    Favourite Colour Playoff
  17. 24 Hour timeline timeline 24 hours toggle date slider circle ui ux date picker button calendar web app
    View 24 Hour timeline
    24 Hour timeline
  18. Select Account Type students businesses members orange ui listings account type location triangle tooltip circle open sans symbolset web
    View Select Account Type
    Select Account Type
  19. Product Slider slider products credit terminal business banner header button blue ui grey credit card number thumbnail tabs web
    View Product Slider
    Product Slider
  20. Toggle Form form contact select ui ux toggle shiny
    View Toggle Form
    Toggle Form
  21. Homepage banner homepage get started blue ui brands selected corporate phone credit credit card terminal processors website web
    View Homepage
  22. Recent Updates (Map View) google maps modal popup image post comments like settings close profile map marker clean ui ux circle web app
    View Recent Updates (Map View)
    Recent Updates (Map View)
  23. Chat Window chat angelina jolie bubble devin close settings google maps transparent ui white online
    View Chat Window
    Chat Window
  24. Buy Voucher as Gift gift buy voucher checkbox modal deals points orange silver whitespace ui web app
    View Buy Voucher as Gift
    Buy Voucher as Gift
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