1. Now That’s What I Call Menus 2019 actions more menu meatball menu interface menu dropdown menu dropdown
    View Now That’s What I Call Menus 2019
    Now That’s What I Call Menus 2019
  2. Introducing Dovetail startup diary study qualitative research ux research dovetail
    View Introducing Dovetail
    Introducing Dovetail
  3. Linking in the editor formatting panel linking editor
    View Linking in the editor
    Linking in the editor
  4. Simple editor icons toolbar formatting editor icons
    View Simple editor icons
    Simple editor icons
  5. Origami Kiwi paper kiwi origami
    View Origami Kiwi
    Origami Kiwi
  6. Origami Giraffe paper giraffe origami
    View Origami Giraffe
    Origami Giraffe
  7. Origami Fox paper fox origami
    View Origami Fox
    Origami Fox
  8. Crumpled paper ball origami crumpled paper
    View Crumpled paper ball
    Crumpled paper ball
  9. Origami Elephant paper elephant origami
    View Origami Elephant
    Origami Elephant
  10. Origami Camel paper camel origami
    View Origami Camel
    Origami Camel
  11. Origami Hummingbird hummingbird paper origami
    View Origami Hummingbird
    Origami Hummingbird
  12. Paper, shape, and light exploration flat shadow light origami paper
    View Paper, shape, and light exploration
    Paper, shape, and light exploration
  13. Sweat the Details teardrop drop details sweat
    View Sweat the Details
    Sweat the Details
  14. Atlassian Growth team shirt design idea growth tree lightbulb data
    View Atlassian Growth team shirt design
    Atlassian Growth team shirt design
  15. JIRA onboarding wizard jira onboarding growth illustration scale buildings
    View JIRA onboarding wizard
    JIRA onboarding wizard
  16. JIRA onboarding pictograms jira onboarding explore search import create
    View JIRA onboarding pictograms
    JIRA onboarding pictograms
  17. Achievement badges for Confluence badge achievement reward medal
    View Achievement badges for Confluence
    Achievement badges for Confluence
  18. Atlassian Mountain mountain flag snow trees
    View Atlassian Mountain
    Atlassian Mountain
  19. Page template icons atlassian confluence icons video
    View Page template icons
    Page template icons
  20. JIRA navigation icons line icons icons
    View JIRA navigation icons
    JIRA navigation icons
  21. JIRA issue type icons jira icons square icons 16px
    View JIRA issue type icons
    JIRA issue type icons
  22. Help illustrations help education in-product education documentation feature discovery
    View Help illustrations
    Help illustrations
  23. Confluence search results exploration atlassian confluence source sans pro typography search results search
    View Confluence search results exploration
    Confluence search results exploration
  24. Atlassian app switcher exploration jira atlassian menu hotdog switcher nav
    View Atlassian app switcher exploration
    Atlassian app switcher exploration
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