1. Optimist Sketch 5 branding doodle graphic design streetwear studio typography
    View Optimist Sketch 5
    Optimist Sketch 5
  2. Optimist Sketch 4 16bit branding doodle graphic design illustration lofi logo vga
    View Optimist Sketch 4
    Optimist Sketch 4
  3. Optimist Sketch 3 branding business card doodle graphic design studio
    View Optimist Sketch 3
    Optimist Sketch 3
  4. Optimist Sketch 2 branding doodle graphic design typography vga zork
    View Optimist Sketch 2
    Optimist Sketch 2
  5. Studio Optimist Sketch 1 branding doodle experimental graphic design typography
    View Studio Optimist Sketch 1
    Studio Optimist Sketch 1
  6. D detail / render peek 36daysoftype c4d doodle render typography wip
    View D detail / render peek
    D detail / render peek
  7. doodle 1 abstract doodle druk smile sticker
    View doodle 1
    doodle 1
  8. no vibe abstract album art ambient funky noise shapes
    View no vibe
    no vibe
  9. six of diamonds aiga cards dallas dfw diamonds icon illustration playing tarot
    View six of diamonds
    six of diamonds
  10. hands animation faith illustration layout optimistic nihilism sharpie
    View hands
  11. Space elemental icon magic
    View Space
  12. Time elemental icon magic
    View Time
  13. Sight elemental icon magic
    View Sight
  14. Trust elemental icon magic
    View Trust
  15. Spirits elemental icon magic
    View Spirits
  16. Magic elemental icon magic
    View Magic
  17. Death elemental icon magic
    View Death
  18. Life elemental icon magic
    View Life
  19. Love elemental icon magic
    View Love
  20. the ruinwalker apocalypse city dust illustration mad max roguelike ruins sunrise sunset unknown vehicle
    View the ruinwalker
    the ruinwalker
  21. still getting synthy 🎛️ illustration modular music plugmeinbaby synth synthesizer ui wip
    View still getting synthy 🎛️
    still getting synthy 🎛️
  22. don't count your blessings branding doodle howdy typography
    View don't count your blessings
    don't count your blessings
  23. M O N E Y II dallas ghostly money print self published send help sneak peek visions zine
    View M O N E Y II
    M O N E Y II
  24. Back to the U-ture 36daysoftype 80s blue car neon nightrider pink tbt u
    View Back to the U-ture
    Back to the U-ture
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