1. Put Your Heart Into It character design cardio running smile classic clean typography type run happy love valentine beat heart cartoon illustration character
    View Put Your Heart Into It
    Put Your Heart Into It
  2. Book Cover: Culture Ate My Brand artwork organization strategy brand culture sans minimal publishing jacket art platform typography layout design print cover book
    View Book Cover: Culture Ate My Brand
    Book Cover: Culture Ate My Brand
  3. Thank You Sandwich typeface food print donor strategy you thank seed bun blob funky poster burger sandwich texture paper overprint typography type
    View Thank You Sandwich
    Thank You Sandwich
  4. Evangel Church Rebrand clean minimal letter e brand icon mark custom type typography church strategy identity branding logo design
    View Evangel Church Rebrand
    Evangel Church Rebrand
  5. New Historic Reel relaunch update website design strategy identity portfolio reel showreel rebrand agency motion branding
    View New Historic Reel
    New Historic Reel
  6. Historic Staff Illustrations icon design cartoon character agency line art vector illustrator avatar fun monoline simple minimal staff portrait picture illustration
    View Historic Staff Illustrations
    Historic Staff Illustrations
  7. Rebrand for Christ Greenfield brand identity seed farm grow clean minimal icon branding sunrise sun leaf chruch jesus monogram c rebrand strategy identity brand logo
    View Rebrand for Christ Greenfield
    Rebrand for Christ Greenfield
  8. [H]ello history reveal animation spin shape pentagon geometric symbol typography h type monogram brand vector design motion minimal icon branding logo
    View [H]ello
  9. Be a Student media social art vector minimal learn education school pencil illustration
    View Be a Student
    Be a Student
  10. "WorkJoy" Illustrations professional vocational pencil heart piano coffee lightbulb clock time camera computer leadership coaching office work monoline line minimal icon illustration
    View "WorkJoy" Illustrations
    "WorkJoy" Illustrations
  11. Improv Leadership strategy editorial campaign vector typography type social motion monoline minimal line head face design cover coaching branding book animation abstract
    View Improv Leadership
    Improv Leadership
  12. The Stations of the Cross holiday religion christianity cross jesus easter illustraion
    View The Stations of the Cross
    The Stations of the Cross
  13. Fight For It hate church series illustration design love scripture bible texture blackletter tattoo typogaphy type
    View Fight For It
    Fight For It
  14. Living Generously money light hand vector monoline series church illustration design line minimal
    View Living Generously
    Living Generously
  15. BrandBoards Identity Design icon vector branding asset brand design motion identity logo
    View BrandBoards Identity Design
    BrandBoards Identity Design
  16. Make Something Historic. h shape pentagon historic line motion gif white black snap animation logo
    View Make Something Historic.
    Make Something Historic.
  17. Comm Strategy Icons social workshop strategy comm communication client
    View Comm Strategy Icons
    Comm Strategy Icons
  18. Happy 4th of July from Slingshot Group logo firework slingshot blue white red gif motion america flag july 4th
    View Happy 4th of July from Slingshot Group
    Happy 4th of July from Slingshot Group
  19. Bo & Vine vegan mark carnivore minimal bar wine bull cow beef burger branding logo
    View Bo & Vine
    Bo & Vine
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