1. I POD - Illustration Art design concept art colorscheme color shapes sketch draw ipod illustration digital illustration design
    I POD - Illustration Art
  2. Muzic Web App vector simple ux ui product design trending design typography slide minimal interface interaction concept design concept illustration colors clean app album
    Muzic Web App
  3. Buttons & Dropdown States ui design simple clean minimal design library design pattern designsystem concept clickable list dropdown disabled error state select state typing state hover state inactive state active state empty state button design
    Buttons & Dropdown States
  4. Washon - Smartcar ux design simple clean minimal connect permissions privacy policy remote work concept design ios app design smart application app smart car remote control remote
    Washon - Smartcar
  5. APPLE WATCH OS simple minimal concept design uidesign uxdesign file manager chatbot battery smartwatch call design clean branding watchos
  6. Task Management App ui design ux design concept design simple clean design minimal card view list view team work category project management mobile app task management task list
    Task Management App
  7. Create User UI Exploration ux design ui design simple minimal clean concept design information dashboard web user role application user create account
    Create User UI Exploration
  8. Smart Bulb App uidesign uxdesign android app concept design clean design simple analyse usage alert scheduler color picker color mode bulb smart device smart home smart bulb
    Smart Bulb App
  9. Smart Bulb-Logo Design branding vector illustration design concept design concept bulb logo sensors smart bulb smarthome
    Smart Bulb-Logo Design
  10. BIOMEDICAL JOURNAL ux design minimal clean ui  ux concept website design search filter homepage submit issues articles research medical care medicine gene medical biology biomedical
  11. Property Advisor-Homepage simple clean interface uiuxdesign concept design flat design webdesign ui simple redesign calculator property search property real estate modern house clean house home architechture
    Property Advisor-Homepage
  12. Food Recipe App intuitive simplistic minimal clean android app ui ux concept design concept video process ingredients filter settings profile chef search food app recipe
    Food Recipe App
  13. Product Detail Page simple clean interface minimal ux design concept design buy now guarantee return compare add to watchlist add to cart specs width color delivery status free shipping product ecommerce product detail page product page headphones
    Product Detail Page
  14. Central Park Website-Landing Page Redesign minimal clean concept design ui design ux design budget featured buy lease rent hospitality realty property search property developer webdesign homepage design landing page
    Central Park Website-Landing Page Redesign
  15. Courier Tracking Dashboard concept design userprofile intuitive flatdesign simple revenue feedbacks emails tech support notifications reports orders statistics delivery tracker courier dashboard user management admin
    Courier Tracking Dashboard
  16. UI-Styleguides exploration font family typogaphy color palette colors symbol concept minimal clean visual brand exploration visual brand exploration ui stylesheet styleguide style
    UI-Styleguides exploration
  17. Split The Bill App - UI Concept ios10 ios app minimal clean design app uxdesign ux uidesign ui concept payment pay send order equal invite bill
    Split The Bill App - UI Concept
  18. Shuttl AR App ui  ux ux minimalist simple concept design passenger app commuter iphone design interface future add friend profile camera app booking connect ios application ar augmented reality
    Shuttl AR App
  19. Ecommerce Jewellery App android app design clean minimal ecommerce app mobile app ux ui profile page payment form delivery shipping sort filter homescreen cart android app app design concept jewellery
    Ecommerce Jewellery App
  20. Consent Form-Interaction Design email clean ui simple prototype animation interactive prototype interaction design interactions creative design concept design experimental design updates policy accept approval feedback form feedback consent form
    Consent Form-Interaction Design
  21. Toggle Button-Interaction interactive prototype ui concept experimental design creative animation button design button states on off switch interaction animation interaction toggle button toggle switch toggle
    Toggle Button-Interaction
  22. Buttons - Micro Interactions pressed like button interactive interaction animation interaction interaction design hover state hover effect floating action button floating button fab deselect creative button animation button states selected inactive active state states buttons
    Buttons - Micro Interactions
  23. Ease My Trip- UX Case Study mobile app ios app ios minimal clean concept design profile explore search results search flight status check in multicity ticket sorting filter flight search flight booking booking travel
    Ease My Trip- UX Case Study
  24. Rentingo-Online Rent Furniture ios app ui ux earn refer offers deals add to cart minimal clean rental app rent appliances cabinet sofa couch furniture ecommerce app
    Rentingo-Online Rent Furniture
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