1. Quickply - AI Messaging 3d ai animation chatbots curved ui dark theme design graphic design mail messenger modern ui motion graphics quora ui ux
    View Quickply - AI Messaging
    Quickply - AI Messaging
  2. Hourly - Management app for HR 3d ai animation graphic design hr light mode management motion graphics task manager ui voice assistant
    View Hourly - Management app for HR
    Hourly - Management app for HR
  3. AI-Powered Smartwatch Fitness Tracking aipowered fitfam fitnessmotivation healthtracker personalizedrecommendations smartwatchfitness userfriendlyinterface
    View AI-Powered Smartwatch Fitness Tracking
    AI-Powered Smartwatch Fitness Tracking
  4. Community Connect: Join, and Chat animation app design figma graphic design mobile product design ui ux ux design
    View Community Connect: Join, and Chat
    Community Connect: Join, and Chat
  5. AI-Powered Real Estate Application animation app design figma mobile product design real estate ui ux ux design website
    View AI-Powered Real Estate Application
    AI-Powered Real Estate Application
  6. Cozy - Rent apartments easily 3d after effects animation apartments curved ui graphic design home loading animation maps micro interactions minimalistic modern ui motion graphics organic ui property rent apartments rental ui ui trends ux
    View Cozy - Rent apartments easily
    Cozy - Rent apartments easily
  7. AI Assistant 3d ai ai assistant ai memory ai travel animation assistant book flight gpt4 graphic design iphone 14 mockups motion graphics os travel ui ux
    View AI Assistant
    AI Assistant
  8. Medication Tracking App design graphic design healthapp healthcare healthcareapp illustration medication meditate meditatewatch motion graphics ui ui design ux watch yoga
    View Medication Tracking App
    Medication Tracking App
  9. Travel Website Design animation bali booking design destination grand canyon graphic design hotel booking journey landing page maps tourism travel agency travel app travel website trip ui ui design ux vector
    View Travel Website Design
    Travel Website Design
  10. Fitness App blockchain branding calories design exercise fitnessactivity fitnessapp fitnesstracker graphic design health healthcare illustration interaction logo motiondesign personaltraining rewards ui design ux workoutapp
    View Fitness App
    Fitness App
  11. E-Books App 3d animation app design figma illustration mobile motion graphics product design ui ux design
    View E-Books App
    E-Books App
  12. Travel App Design adventure animation booking darkmode design destination explore graphic design maps mountains tourism tourists tours travel app travelling trip ui ui design ux vacation
    View Travel App Design
    Travel App Design
  13. Check-Up
    View Check-Up
  14. Payment Design App animation app branding design figma illustration mobile payment product design ui ux
    View Payment Design App
    Payment Design App
  15. Electric Car Dashboard \ Automotive Intelligent search HMI animation automobile automotive automotive search branding car app car dashboard car ui design electric car ev dashboard graphic design hmi illustration interaction motion graphics ui ui design ux voice command
    View Electric Car Dashboard \ Automotive Intelligent search HMI
    Electric Car Dashboard \ Automotive Intelligent search HMI
  16. Vealth - Quality Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere.🩺 app design doctor graphic design healthcare hospital telemedicine ui ux visual
    View Vealth - Quality Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere.🩺
    Vealth - Quality Healthcare Anytime, Anywhere.🩺
  17. Telemedicine App consultation app design doctor doctor app doctor appointment graphic design health healthcare app medical medical app motion graphics telehealth telemedicine telemedicineapp ui ui design ux video call
    View Telemedicine App
    Telemedicine App
  18. Video Conferencing - Telemedicine 3d animation appointment blood pressure consultancy design doctor doctor dashboard healthcare hospital illustration medicine motion graphics patient reports telehealth telemedicine ui video conferencing videocall
    View Video Conferencing - Telemedicine
    Video Conferencing - Telemedicine
  19. Mental Health Platform 3d aesthetic ai animation branding design graphic design happiness illustration light mode logo meditation mental health mockup mood calculater motion graphics positivity strength ui wellness
    View Mental Health Platform
    Mental Health Platform
  20. AI Powered Music Application 3d ai aimusic animation application artists dark mode design graphic design illustration mood motion graphics music music listening music player music streaming neon streaming app ui visualizer
    View AI Powered Music Application
    AI Powered Music Application
  21. Quickcheck design doctor interface patient reports telemedicine ui ux
    View Quickcheck
  22. Doco- A telemedicine App 3d animation branding consultation doctor appointments glucose tracking graphic design healthcareapp illustration manage docs medical app medicine motion graphics pulse rate reports telehealth telemedicine track medicine ui web
    View Doco- A telemedicine App
    Doco- A telemedicine App
  23. Healthcare Doctor's Dashboard animation design doctor appointment doctor dashboard doctor web app graphic design health app medical dashboard medical management medicine motion graphics patient dashboard telehealth telemedicine ui ui design ux
    View Healthcare Doctor's Dashboard
    Healthcare Doctor's Dashboard
  24. Medication Tracking Dashboard design doctor graphic design healthcare medication medication dashboard medication management medication track medicine patients pharmacy pills report schedule telehealth telemedicine ui ui design ux
    View Medication Tracking Dashboard
    Medication Tracking Dashboard
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