Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor - Historical Meal Data

January 15, 2019

We knew early on that we would be tracking meals. Meals are such an important part of your blood glucose levels that we really wanted to show how a meal changes your levels. Since it's different for everyone the algorithm rates the meal ...

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor - History View

January 10, 2019

During the design phase of the continuous glucose monitor, we discussed with users what information they wanted to see to help them manage their blood sugar levels. On the history view, we wanted to capture the last 7 valid days of data ...

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor - Full Screen Status Updates

December 20, 2018

During the design process, we had to create different levels of notifications to help users understand the state of their pod, blood glucose readings, and recommendations. This system of notifications and prompts lead us to develop a hie...

Blood Sugar Graph - Current Status

November 29, 2018

@Billy Sweetman from the design team at @Headway designed this interface for an application that helps people track their blood sugar and syncs with an external patch to get results in real time. This graph allows users to see how their ...

Continuous Blood Glucose Monitor Today Screen

November 16, 2018

This client project came to us for a full app redesign with new core objectives that aligned more closely with their core market. The goal was to increase clarity by providing more information about how food affects your blood sugar lev...

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